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I received a phone call a few days ago from a Compassion agent telling me that the letter I sent my child in Brazil could not be sent due to not having a written letter sent with it. I had sent some photos in May. I asked if it was the one I had sent online through the Compassion website? This is the only way I have sent any letters for some time. She was not sure about that. I explained that you have 3 options to send a letter online, one was just photos. She did not seem familar with how it worked and said she would forward my feedback to upper Management. I have noticed that other letters were canceled to the same child. I write 8 children from different Countrys and sent all the same photos, all went through fine except Brazil. The 3 photos were a outdoor path, 2 dogs, and a selfie of me on that outdoor path. I resubmitted that last set of photos that was cancelled and so far they are just sitting there "being processed". My trust and confidence in Compassion dwindles more each time something like this happens. I have not cancelled my sponsorship because of the children. If you are going to take away the limited way we have to communicate, then I will have no choice but to sponsor through a different organization.
Edited: I did not get an apology, just the offer to give my feedback to upper Management. She saw the photos and described them to me. The issue was just the fact that nothing was written.

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John, I sincerely apologize that we were not able to send this photo page on to Lucas and that the phone call left you feeling disappointed and losing faith in Compassion's ministry. You are correct that the website currently gives the option to send a full sized photo to the child, which was intended to be used as an easy way for sponsors to upload their own handwritten letters instead of mailing them to us. We have recently started having to cancel the communications sent in this form that only include photos because they aren't considered letters that will trigger reciprocal letters from the children. Our letter guidelines for sponsors do state that we have to receive an actual letter from the sponsor in order to process the letters, but we do understand that the wording on the website makes that confusing. We are working to change the wording for the option online to make it clear that it is for uploading a copy of a handwritten letter, and not only for photos. Regrettably, the photos that you send in the second round will most likely be canceled in our country offices as they go through the translation process, but you are welcome to send them again with a message written on them for your children. I'd also be happy to print them off and do that personally if it would be easier for you! Our purpose in this is sincerely not to limit the ways you can communicate. In fact, the upload a photo option is intended to help communication between sponsors and children flow more smoothly and quickly. Again, I apologize for the confusion with this situation and that we are not able to continue sending photo pages like this any longer. We have sent your feedback on to management as the representative stated in your call with her and are working to change the wording online so this no longer confuses sponsors.
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I have used the Upload a Photo option on the website to create letters in "Canva" that have words and photos intermixed.  I can download them in JPG format and then upload them there. I have noticed these letters seem to take a bit longer to translate -- perhaps because they do not fit the normal "Pattern" -- even though they have fewer words, with them intermixed between pictures it must be difficult for the translator to make it clear which translation goes to which part of the letter.  Maybe I should add numbers the way the forms have on them when I receive them?

Sometimes I use this option to send a 1 pg letter with coloring sheets/other things attached. Sometimes I have a three page letter that takes all three attachment slots.
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Sarah, I can definitely see how this might be confusing for the translator. I would encourage either including a full uploaded letter or using the template to write a letter and then use the option for the photo page. You can still label the photos. I often use the bottom of the template and advise what the photos are from left to right. I have not experienced any issues with translation or had any delays when I do it this way. You might give that a try. I do appreciate that you are taking time to write and encourage your children. I know that receiving letters and photos is a huge blessing for them. :-)

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