Feeling sad & hurt that I may not be getting truth

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The first electronic letter I wrote to my sponsor child was Nov 2016. Today 2/18/2017 I finally received my child's first letter, but it's not in response to anything in my letter to him. It's more of an introduction letter as if maybe my child didn't receive my letter. This was disappointing to me, but even more disheartening is the information I was given on my child and family conflicts with what is written in my child's letter I just received. Why would this happen?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Pam,

  I am a sponsor, like yourself, and have been sponsoring for many years now.  I wanted to address a couple things in your post, to help you understand what may be going on.  The ladies who monitor this forum will be back on Monday, and will be able to provide you more detailed information then.
  Firstly, while Compassion has been working hard to improve the letter writing process, and speed up delivery times, it can still take 2 to 3 months for our letters to reach or kids, and theirs to reach us.  So, if you wrote your child a letter soon after sponsoring him, more than likely he has just received that letter this month, and definitely did not have it when he wrote to you.  But going forward, he will have your letter to look back upon.  Also, in order to get us that first letter quicker, many of the centers have the child write their first letter when they enter the program, before they even have a sponsor.  That may have also been the case for your boy.
  As to your second concern, why the information you were originally given differs from the information in the letter, I can think of a number of reasons.  I've corresponded with 15 children since starting with compassion, and I've run into some of these information conflicts myself.  I had one girl who's age changed; in her case, birthdates aren't as important as they are here.  When she was registered, whoever registered her didn't remember exactly when she was born.  A few years down the line Compassion was given her actual records; she was 3 years older than first reported!  I have one boy who I had a lot of trouble figuring out how many siblings, and what gender siblings he had.  There was some confusion with translations that were eventually figured out, and through further correspondence, I found out he had a cousin who was living with them who he sometimes counted as a sibling, and sometimes didn't.  I also had a little girl who's first letter was written almost a year before it was sent to me, since she had been waiting a while for a sponsor.  The information in her second letter did not match with the first, because her family situation changed in that year she was waiting for me to sponsor her.  Again, the ladies who watch this forum can give you more information, but I wanted to give you some of my own experience, in case it might help you understand what might be going on.
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Pam, I am sorry you feel hurt and as though you have been lied to. I can assure you, as another sponsor, you have not been lied to. Your first letter is an introductory letter that is usually prewritten for quicker delivery to the sponsor. It is currently taking 2-3 months for letters to get back and forth between sponsor and child. Most likely your letters crossed each other. Information is updated along with photos every 2 years, so things can change between the last update and your introductory letter. I have also noticed that family dynamics can change drastically and quickly for our kiddos as well. My family and I sponsor several children and correspond with many others so letter writing is a familiar process for us. It usually takes a while for letters to start to flow regularly and it varies from child to child how quickly your relationship develops. I hope this helps some! Thank you so much for investing in your sponsored child's life and incouraging them with letters. God bless!

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