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Hi. I am a new sponsor & my number is 07923634. The child I am sponsoring in in Brazil BR055100291. It will be his birthday in a couple of months & I would like to send him a gift but I would also like to know if the family had received my other gift of $75 that I sent in late November.

I have been sent 3 letters now fr. Brazil that have been duplicates of each other written for and on behalf of my child, so I am understanding that there is much confusion going on. I have written my child fairly regularly until this time. I am getting a lot of advertising but no, my church cannot sponsor a compassion Sunday bc they are a very poor community & on the verge of bankruptcy themselves. Likewise, I just don’t allow any organization into my personal bank acct for whatever reason. (I once took a stranger into my home who had the most beautiful photos of Jesus who robbed me, so I might be hypersensitive). I do not in any way blame Compassion for my attitude.

Now on the compassion app, I do have record of my 2017 contributions for tax deductible purposes although I probably do not qualify for a tax deduction, nor is that anything but a one sided view. What I need to have is something fr Brazil stating that the family gift money was delivered. Kind of a basic down to earth accounting “did they get the money yes or no?”

If you could have someone send me a word that all went OK with that transaction just in their native language, (I sometimes write in bad Portuguese) that would be fine. I need to know this before I send more money. I did not mention the family donation money in letters to Francisco, (only mentioned $ in lieu of a bit of pocket money that sent for art supplies) so it actually is possible that they never did get it. Or are they unable to be located?

Pls. update me as to what is happening. And trust me, I know we are all trying. People are complicated beings. But in a very common sense way, I take my commitment to my child seriously and if necessary, and am trying to avoid delaying his birthday gift by writing you this note.


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If you sent the money as a family gift in November, you should get a thank you by six months from then that mentions what was purchased and includes a picture (since it was over $60). This means if you do not get it by the date in May that you send it you can ask the social media ladies to send an inquiry for it.  It has been my experience that it takes much of that time for the process to run its way -- money is only sent to the country once a month. Then it has to be distributed to the center. Then the center consults with the family to find out what is needed, then makes a purchase of what is decided and gets that purchase back to the family, with a camera to get a picture. Then the response stationary needs to be printed off so a letter can be written.  Then the letter is sent off to be translated before it is returned to you.
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Is that really true?? because they are telling me that if I send a birthday gift by mid-April my child will receive it by his birthday in late May. Is there a difference in money? Some money going faster than other money? 6 months does seem a bit excessive & it’s not so much like I need a note written as it is I’d like to know if it was received.
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Sarah is completely correct. This is taken from the Compassion Blog, explaining the process:
I want to send a gift to the child I sponsor. How does it work?
After we close our books for the month, our finance department receives a list of all the gifts given during that month. For most countries, we convert the gift into the country’s currency and transfer the funds to the country office’s bank. Some of our offices will either have their bank make the exchange from U.S. dollars to the local currency, or they will just use U.S. dollars.

Once the country office receives the money, a staff member transfers the funds to the respective child development centers. Some centers receive the money by check and some receive it directly transferred into a bank account. This entire process can take two to three months.

After the center staff receives the money, they set up a meeting with the child you sponsor. In the meeting, the staff member informs him or her of your gift and discusses what some of the child’s and family’s needs are.

Next, he or she signs for the gift to acknowledge that it was received. They then head to the market where the staff member helps the child purchase the items.

Finally, he or she will write you a letter letting you know what was purchased and possibly include a picture, depending on the amount of the gift and the center he or she attends.

If you do not receive a letter within six months of sending your gift, please contact us. We will contact our country office for more information.
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Hi Leonore, 
First off, I want to thank you for being such an involved sponsor. Giving gifts that are tangible for the child, and letters that they feel encouraged by are the best ways for your kiddo to know you love them! 
Secondly, I am so sorry for the confusion on how long gifts take to process and be delivered. Some of our ladies have truly given wonderful information above, and it is accurate. However, please keep in mind that the gift only takes about 2-3 months to be received by kiddo, while it may take up to 6 months for them to write a thank you letter, take the photo and have you receive it. Therefore if you send a birthday gift about 3 months prior to the child's birthday, there should be no problem getting it there in time. 
And last, I want to confirm for you that your gift was processed on November 18th. If for any reason the gift did not go through, we would have notes as to why. Although it has likely been delivered at this time, we will not actually be able to give you solid confirmation on that until your child writes a letter to you thanking you for the items they were able to purchase. Please know that if for any reason we do fund out your gift(s) could not be delivered to your child, we will let you know and we would be happy to refund the gift to you. We want you to always feel comfortable when sending a gift and understand that the first couple can be a little edgy when you don't know what to expect. If you have any additional questions about this process, or any other concerns, please let us know and we will do our best to work them out with you!
Additionally, please know that since you have only been sponsoring a few months, it is normal to receive a letter every 2-3 months after you really begin your relationship together. With that said, I am sure you will begin to hear from him soon and get to know each other very well! :)

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