How to take my account off auto-pay

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My acct has been set to auto-pay, but after 2 different deductions have been taken for both my sponsor kids in April, i no longer feel comfortable leaving it as is, and would like to make my own payments each month. I did change my billing date to the 16th, but expected that to take place next month, since my current month was deducted roughly 10 days ago.
I tried to go in and edit payment settings, but it gave no option to stop auto-pay.
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Jennifer P Hinson

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Jennifer P Hinson

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I would like to also know why i was charged twice for both kids. When i decided to sponsor (towards the end of March), i was told by Compassion Experience employees that my sponsorships would begin this month, and explained when i would have the payments taken out as well as when i would receive my welcome package and be able to gain access to my sponsorships online. Was this an error?
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Hi Jennifer, 

I truly apologize. We had an error in our system that did take double contributions on multiple accounts. I would be happy to refund the second contribution. All we would need is a copy of your bank statement showing the double pull. Please email us at I have also removed both of your kiddos from automatic withdraws. You are welcome to call in your contributions each month, send in checks, or go online to do so. If you haven't already, you should receive your welcome packets in the mail shortly.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding! 
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Jennifer, I am very sorry for these extra charges and that you were unable to stop the automatic withdrawal on the website. I can certainly understand the irritation, as that is quite a bit of money to come out when you are not expecting it. We saw some double charges in March and April due to an error in our new system that we just upgraded to in late January. We sincerely apologize for these double charges. As you requested, I have stopped your automatic withdrawal for you.

I also sincerely apologize for the misinformation from the volunteers at the Compassion Experience event you were at. Typically, support is withdrawn the month a sponsorship begins and is applied to that month regardless of what time of the month the sponsorship is started. Therefore, the support that was withdrawn at the end of March was for March's support for both children. Then, I see another donation on April 15, for April's support for both children. Those are the only two donations that I am seeing at this time. Please let me know if you are seeing additional transactions on your bank statement that need to be refunded at this time. We certainly want to make this right however we can. 
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Jennifer P Hinson

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The constant headaches I have had in the few short weeks since starting my sponsorships, and the stories I have read going through this blog---I am sad to say that I am so completely turned off from this company as a whole---and its unfortunate bc the children I chose to sponsor need support. I feel like I was lied to in order to meet a quota at the event, in order for the event to be successful. I decided to sponsor 2 children---I have NEVER sponsored any children before in my life because I have had friends who had terrible experiences with the process (and I am not speaking on your company specifically). I was told I would have my 1st payment taken out between the 1st-5th, and that I could go online and change my payment date for May's payment. I do see that my sponsorship began on 3/31, conveniently---but if I was told that I would pay a full month of sponsoring 2 kids for 1 day, especially when I received no access to them for another 6 days after that---I would not have sponsored that day, and instead waited to sponsor the following day. I never wanted a refund, but I certainly am not okay with the $76 being charged for March. I can understand the argument if someone begins their sponsorship in early to mid-month, but logically, if you begin a "membership" with any business on the last day of the month---they are not going to charge you for a full month for that one day. No one would be okay with that. But I am supposed to be okay with it because its God's work behind it? I do not mind the charges that just came out to be posted for May, because I will not pay May. If that means that my sponsorships have to end, so be it. I will be sad for the children, as they should not have to suffer the consequences of a company's employees misleading caring people who are emotionally vulnerable (after going through the "experiences")for the sake of getting sponsorships. Teach them to be honest. Be up front. Or teach them in general what your policies are so things like this do not happen. At the end of the day, choosing to sponsor a child should not be a financial headache or a complete hassle, it should be something filled with joy and excitement. Sadly, I have not felt that joy or excitement since the first day I decided to sponsor them. I am sorry for being so harsh, but it is a horrible feeling when you are lied to by a company from the start and then have to deal with the consequences of that lie. 
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Hello Jennifer I am sorry you are frustrated with what is going on I think for the volunteers who work a compassion event they could be trained or be given the correct info so you and other people do not get frustrated also know that compassion volunteers are answering a lot of questions of people who want to sponsor just like you I understand they could have done a better job and handled it a lot better by directing you to someone who would know the correct info I am sorry by this experience and pray you have a wonderful and blessed day God bless you forever and always I will be praying for you please Jennifer let us know what they can do to improve and get better
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I am deeply sorry for the concerns you have that have caused you to doubt the integrity of Compassion. Please forgive our volunteers for providing you incorrect information at the event, and please know that it is never our intention to mislead someone. Regrettably, there are scam organizations out there and they have made it very difficult for organizations that are legitimately doing good work. For this reason, I encourage donors of any organization to do their research. Yes, please do Google us and read reviews of what people are saying about Compassion International. Look at what watchdog organizations, like Charity Navigators, say about Compassion. Look at our financial records which are posted publicly on our website. Read the research that was done by a third-party researcher about the effectiveness of our program. If you can, travel to see what we do firsthand and meet your children. Please do research us and prayerfully consider whether this is the organization you are called to give to. 

I completely understand how reading about other people's experiences may be discouraging right now :(. We have definitely been weathering a long season of change, and, to be honest, it has taken longer to update our systems and processes than we would have liked. Please know that our hearts for these changes have been to make it easier to communication more frequently with your children because we understand how priceless and cherished your letters are. Sadly, these many updates did not come without some bumps along the way, and we experienced some significant delays as a result. That said, we are extremely grateful for our hardworking IT Team who have been working diligently to resolve issues as they arise. Please rest assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and all system upgrades have now been completed. Of course, there are still some kinks to be worked out, but we are very optimistic! 

We are extremely sorry to hear that you have felt pressured into sponsorship with the impression that we need to meet a quota. Please understand that it is our heart to get children sponsored, but we in no way want to offend anyone in doing so. We are so grateful that you responded to God tugging at your heart to sponsor sweet Uwumuremyi and Shiella. I hear your heart for this ministry and your desire to foster a meaningful relationship with your little girl and boy. Please know that our desire is for every sponsor to have this opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with their child. 

I'm so sorry for the miscommunication regarding when your sponsorship donations would begin. Please rest assured that I have adjusted your account so that your first month of support begins in April, and your second donation of $76 has covered the month of May. I completely understand your desire to manually give your support each month, and you will not need to provide any support until the month of June. 

I cannot express how sorry I am to hear of the doubts and frustrations you have about Compassion and whether you will continue your sponsorship of Uwumuremyi and Shiella. We sincerely look forward to the opportunity of earning your trust and proving our hearts for serving our sponsors and children with excellence. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help you. Have a blessed day.
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I also need to stop auto pay with my Compassion International sponsorship. I thought I had stopped it previously. It stopped for a couple of months, put then hit me again last week, causing my account to over draft. Please cancel my auto pay. Thank you.

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