How much do things cost in Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya?

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Could I also get this information for our two children? Jahir is in Ecuador and Koseyian is in Kenya.
Also if we send money for a cow for example do they have the ability to keep it? I know the children ultimately make the decision on what the money is spent on but I was just curious. For example I don't think they have "city limits" but what about enough space to keep the animal and finances to care for it.
Is someone from the center able to show them how to care for it if they have never owned one?

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In regards to your first question, here are the cost of some common items in Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya (we recommend using the Oanda currency converter to convert the local currency into USD)


Bike                                         $300 USD

Bicycle car                              $90 USD

Doll                                          $35 USD

Ball                                          $20 USD

Action Figure Doll                    $30 USD

Mattress                                  $200 USD

Blanket                                    $40 USD

Bed                                         $250 USD

Sheet                                      $40 USD

Food (basket)                          $70 USD 

Bread                                      $0.30 USD

Rice                                         $1.20 USD

Cow (calf)                                $400 USD 

Sheep (lamb)                           $200 USD 

Piglet                                        $200 USD 

Chicken                                   $12 USD

Guinea pigs (pair)                    $25 USD 

Shoes                                      $50 USD

Shirt                                         $30 USD

Pants                                       $38 USD

Dress                                       $35 USD

Jacket                                      $45 USD

Underwear (3 pairs)                $15 USD

School supplies                       $70 USD

Backpack                                $25 USD

Barbecue Grill/Table                $250 USD

Sewing machine                     $400 USD

Colombia (in Colombian Pesos)

Toy Car                                    38,000 COP

Doll                                          39,000 COP

Soccer Ball                              50,000 COP

Bed                                          270,000 COP

Mattress                                  210,000 COP

Blanket                                    60,000 COP

Sheets (3-piece set)                50,000 COP

Pillow                                       20,000 COP

Poultry                                     12,000 COP

Eggs (10)                                 4,000 COP

Meat (1 kg)                              16,000 COP

Milk (1 L)                                  3,000 COP

Rice (5 kg)                               17,000 COP

Soybean Oil (2 L)                    12,000 COP

Sugar (5 kg)                            15,000 COP

Goat                                        130,000 COP

Cow (calf)                                675,000 COP

Ducks                                      67,000 COP

Piglet                                       300,000 COP

Chicken                                   40,000 COP

Tennis Shoes                           65,000 COP

School Shoes                           65,000 COP

Sandals                                    52,000 COP

Dress                                        72,000 COP

Shirt and Pants                         98,000 COP

School Uniform                        100,000 COP

Flip Flops                                  21,000 COP

Backpack                                  60,000 COP

Closet                                       385,000 COP

Desk                                         440,000 COP

Dictionary                                 44,000 COP

School supplies                        115,000 COP

Towel                                         22,000 COP

Kenya (in Kenyan Shillings)                                                       

Notebook                               200 KES        

Bicycle                                   10,000-15,000 KES

Bed                                        10,000 KES

Mattress                                 6,000 KES

Blanket                                   1,500 KES

Maize Flour (2 kg)                  100 KES             

Rice (2 kg)                              300 KES           

Sugar                                     400 KES 

Shoes                                    2,000 KES            

Chicken                                 800-1,000 KES 

Cow                                       15,000-20,000 KES

Goat                                       5,000-7,000 KES

Sheep                                     5,000-7,000 KES  

We like to discuss the use of the gifts with each family because livestock does not make sense in every area. There are urban areas where they cannot keep livestock. However, just because they live in a city does not mean that they cannot keep livestock. Sometimes a food stand on the side of the road or a small kiosk selling items is a better business. It really depends on the area. We will counsel the family and will assist them with whatever they choose to do with the money. 

(Lists updated 6/18/19)