How much do things cost in Rwanda?

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Hi there! 

Here are the cost of common items in Rwanda to help give you an idea of how far your Family Gifts can go! :)

Bicycle                                    20,000 RWF

Sewing machine                     120,000 RWF

Chicken                                   5,000 RWF

Cow (cross-breed)                   400,000 RWF

Cow (local-breed)                    300,000 RWF

Goat                                        30,000 RWF

Pig                                           80,000  RWF

Sheep                                      40,000  RWF

Rabbit                                      20,000  RWF

Duck                                         5,000  RWF

Blanket (single-size)                 15,000  RWF

Blacket (double-size)                40,000  RWF

Mattress (single-size)                20,000  RWF

Mattress (double-size)               65,000  RWF

Mosquito Net                             6,000  RWF

Sheet set (single-size)              15,000  RWF

Sheet set (double-size)             25,000  RWF

Dress                                         20,000  RWF

Jacket                                        15,000  RWF

Pants                                          25,000  RWF

Shirt                                            15,000  RWF

Shoes                                          25,000  RWF

Shorts                                          15,000  RWF

Beans (1 kg)                                 800  RWF

Bread (1 kg or loaf)                       1,000  RWF

Flour (1 kg cassava)                      600  RWF

Flour (1 kg maize                           700  RWF

Meat (1 kg)                                     2,500  RWF

Rice (1 kg)                                      1,000  RWF

Sugar (1 kg)                                    1,100  RWF

Cooking Pots                                   60,000  RWF

Bucket                                              1,500  RWF

Children's bicycle                              200,000  RWF

Body lotion                                        3,500  RWF

Garden hoe                                       2,000  RWF

Kerosene lamp                                  5,000  RWF

Machete                                             1,500  RWF

Sewing machine                                 120,000  RWF

Sheet iron (2.5m sheet)                      6,000  RWF

Suitcase                                              30,000  RWF

Toothpaste (1 tube)                             1,000  RWF

Torch                                                    3,000  RWF                                          

We recommend using the Oanda currency converter for the most up to date exchange rate from Rwandan Francs to US dollars.                             
(List updated 5/22/19)
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Thank for this list. I just sponsored a precious girl from Rwanda last week and sent a family gift today to be used as the family needs. It is interesting to see what things cost. I have no idea what an iron sheet is. Can you explain?
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Hannah Anderson

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Hi Sally! I do not work for Compassion, but I have family in construction, and an iron sheet is just a sheet of flat iron used for roofing or siding on a house. Hope this helps!
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Ok. Thanks. That's heavy-duty for sure! 
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Jessica Louise Kling

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The boy we sponsor in Rwanda bought a banana plantation with $100.
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Jessica, that is so incredible! Thank you so much for sharing how abundantly God used your gift to bless your boy and his family! This could be a complete life changing opportunity for them! I pray that God gives them the wisdom to steward this plantation well and that he blesses the fruit of their labors :). Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! I'm excited for you to grow with them in this new and exciting door God's opened up!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I have asked about family needs e.g. start up business, livestock, housing , land....

I have just sent Uwinesa 100.00 gift. How much do things cost in Rwanda. I have asked about family needs e.g. start up business, livestock, housing , land, etc but have had no response. Can you help.
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Shannon Massey, Employee

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Hi Rev Dr Sidonie, 
I have merged your question here, as many people above have asked similar questions and I thought this may be helpful. :) 
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Ashley Brian

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Do you have this for columbia?
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Hi Ashley! You can find the list for items in Colombia here. :)
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How much do things cost in Kenya and Uganda. I found it amazing that my family gift for my child in Uganda was able to by a goat with kids.
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Hi Laura! That's a great question! In Kenya, a goat costs anywhere from 5,000 - 7,000 KES (Kenyan Shillings), which translates to $48 - $67. In Uganda, a goat costs about 150,000 UGX (Ugandan Shillings), which translates to about $40. Thank you for your generous gift and for allowing your family the opportunity to get this wonderful gift! :)
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My Ugandan gift got two sheep (Or maybe a sheep and a lamb) I, too, was amazed
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can you provide an updated list of the cost of things families might use a moneta....
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Hi Roxanne! I have updated the costs of gifts in Rwanda on this post for you :). I am also emailing you a more detailed list. Have a blessed day!
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Can I also have the email with the more detailed list? Thanks so much!
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Hi Vicki! I would be happy to email you that list. :)
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I had a blessing come to me of extra money and I sent my family in Rwanda $700.  They bought goats and a cow. Compassion sent pictures of the family and animals.   After reading about the poverty in Rwanda, I am so happy they were able to add to thier farm so they can eat and have milk.  What an HONOR to be able to bless this family.  GOD IS GOOD.