How much do things cost in Togo?

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Hi there! 

Here are the cost of common items in Togo to help give you an idea of how far your Family Gifts can go! :)

Chickens (2)                                 10,000 XOF
Pigs (2 mixed type)                      160,000 XOF
Pigs (2 traditional type)                 60,000 XOF
Sheep (2)                                      100,000 XOF
Ducks (2)                                       15,000 XOF
Goats (2)                                        55,000 XOF
Bicycle                                           42,500 XOF              
Doll                                                6,000 XOF 
Ball                                                 12,500 XOF
Mat                                                  4,500 XOF
Mattress                                          45,000 XOF
Blanket & sheet set                         13,500 XOF
Pillow                                                3,000 XOF
Fabric                                               15,000 XOF
Shoes                                               6,000 XOF
Shirt                                                  3,500 XOF
Pants                                                3,750 XOF
Dress                                                9,500 XOF
Jacket                                               17,500 XOF
Beans (3 kg)                                     2,500 XOF 
Bread (2 baguettes)                          500 XOF
Coffee                                               2,000 XOF 
Eggs (2 dozen)                                 2,500 XOF
Meat (1 kg)                                       3,500 XOF
Rice (25 kg)                                      25,000 XOF
Sugar (1 kg)                                      2,000 XOF
Maize (6 kg)                                      1,500 XOF
Oil (1 L)                                             1,500 XOF
Gari                                                    1,000 XOF
(local main dish made from Cassava flour)
Fish (0.4 kg)                                        7,000 XOF
Milo (0.4 kg hot chocolate mix)           10,500 XOF         
Milk (0.4 kg)                                        20,000 XOF
Food basket                                        20,000 XOF
Macaroni (0.5 kg)                                600 XOF

We recommend using the Oanda currency converter for the most up to date exchange rate from West African Francs to US dollars.                             
(List updated 5/22/19)
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What a great list!  Thank you so much, Susan!
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Why So gosh darn expensive? Is it that everything must come from outside? Is TOGO not able to produce? I have a Pastor from LOME. Who has been corresponding with me for a few months. He does work for TG Charities . I cannot locate information on this charity. I would like to send USD to him. That he may buy clothes and shoes. But I am living on a meager income through Social Security Disability. I want to be sure Pastor William is able to get something for the children. But things seem to be so expensive.

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William Blair

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Hi Terry.If you can't find information on this ministry then it must be a scam.There are so many scams out there.I looked for this ministry just now and see nothing.You need to cut this off and find out who to contact to find out who this person is.I've had people try the same with me.Don't go for it.
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Terry, I would encourage you to be cautious of sending money overseas to this pastor as William also mentioned above. It's important to send money overseas in a secure way to protect yourself. It can often be difficult to discern if the person you're in communication with is who he says he is, especially if you're unable to find legitimate and credible information about the ministry. You will also find that there are fees for wiring money overseas that can build up if you send it directly to him and we certainly don't want you to experience fraud or identity theft when it can be avoided.

My suggestion to you would be to encourage this pastor to reach out to organizations in his area that may be able to assist him and partner with him in ministry. You can also give him our email address if you wish: We're happy to talk to him and help him get in contact with our country office in Togo to discuss the possibility of partnership and helping the children in his community find sponsors :). 
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William Blair

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Terry,since neither of us could find his ministry on the net I know he's a scam.I wouldn't even have him contact this ministry.He won't do it anyway.Cut him off.I see scams often here where I live.People stand outside Christian bookstores and ask for so called help.Don't give them anything either.Just share the Gospel with them and see what happens.
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Hi, Susan!
Do you happen to know if ~$10 covers a mosquito net for the bed in Togo as well? I don't see it on the list but I've seen reference in other posts on malaria risks that led me to beleive that was a reasonable price, at least in whatever region was being discussed. I have 2 girls there and wrote in my last letter asking if they had nets, and if they didn't that I would try to help them get some (via monetary gifts with a friendly suggestion for netting).

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Hi Lindsay! It depends on the area, however, we typically recommend $18 for an insecticide treated net plus training on malaria prevention. Our Complimentary Interventions program and Malaria Fund (also known as Bite Back) help to provide nets and training to families based on proposals from areas that need it the most. You can help provide a net to needy families through this fund or you are welcome to send a Family Gift and designate it for a mosquito net. 
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Hi Susan!
2 pigs $84 or $124?? How much is a cow?
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Jenny, I apologize for the confusion. I see now that there was a duplicate in my original list and I corrected it. Two pigs cost $84 USD. Regrettably, we do not have data on how much a cow costs in Togo.
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Do you have a list for India and Thailand?
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Hey Anna! Check out the fill list of countries and links to all the lists here. :)