I Am Sharing One Of My Poems With All Of You

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Empty Manger
By Mark Anthony Grubb © 2012

Where is this precious baby boy
That once here laid his head?
His name I hear was Jesus
And once this was his bed.

You say this baby named Jesus
Was born to die for me?
The child born in this manger
Would die to set men free?

This is not a proper bed,
This trough where cattle fed.
He deserved the best I cried,
To lay his sacred head.

Then my dream was finished,
As tears fell on my bed.
To think this tiny infant,
Hung on the cross and bled.

I long to hold that baby boy,
Who died for me a stranger.
But all that’s left of sacrifice,
Is a humble empty manger.
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Posted 4 years ago

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This is a great poem, Mark. I've been having a not so good day, but this poem just made it a lot better. Thanks for sharing this encouraging poem and for the reminder about what's most important.
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I am glad you found this poem uplifting. May God bless you and keep your heart tender and humble.

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I post my poetry on Facebook and quotes often. I am there as Mark Anthony Grubb. If you like poetry and better yet love the Lord you will like my wall. :)
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I found this poem today when I was cleaning, and I thought I would share it here. I don't write much poetry. In fact, this is one of the only poems that I've ever written, as I can recall. I think I wrote it when I was about sixteen years old.

A Loving Father, A Loving Friend, My Loving Savior

Gently in your arms you hold me
You protect me from what harm brings
Teaching, guiding, showing me onward
I take my shelter beneath your wings

Ever since I was little
You've always taught me how to grow
You never gave up or stopped your teaching
There was always more to learn that you would show

Time after time I never listened
I thought I knew how to live without your hand
I fell and stumbled being left broken
I felt alone without a friend

You picked up the pieces of my heart
Putting them back together with your love
A loving Father you have always been to me
A loving Father which comes from above

I always had moments when I needed to talk
Yet no one else was ever free
You always were there to listen
The answers you gave always shaped me

You stayed with me every minute
of every hour of every day
If I ever need anything at all
I always knew that I could pray

You are my loving Savior
Who I owe everything to
I am the person I am today
All because of you