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I am currently sponsoring 1 child, a young boy from Togo. I would like to hear some opinions on donating additional funds. Here's what I must choose between:

1. Give a little bit to as many as possible (go wide).
2. Give as much as possible to a single child/family (go deep).

I'd love to hear some opinions from others on this. I currently would prefer to send more to the one child I'm already sponsoring. If I were to do this, I would hopefully have a relatively large impact on their life, which would mean a great deal to me. 

I look forward to hearing opinions.

Thanks and God Bless!
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Posted 6 years ago

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Depends how much you are thinking of sending.  You can give too much to one child and they learn to be dependent on you (Not good after the sponsorship ends or if your situation changes) and can create jealousy from other people in the child's community.  But if you are talking about once in awhile sending a small extra financial gift etc, then I'd say go with what you want to do, as perhaps it's God tugging on your heart that this child needs a little extra :)  I'd also say it depends on how much you like to write letters, as they are sooooo important to the children.  If you love to write, then being able to sponsor more kids and bless them with letters, might be ideal for you.  If you aren't into writing, then having less kids that you bless in other ways might be the best so you don't have as many letters to write.  Or you may be more interested in Compassion's other funds.

Really there's no wrong way to give.
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I enjoy sponsoring "deep" more than "wide". I love writing letters to my 3 sponsor kids and sending them little paper goodies. I get so much joy in finding cute little paper goodies or stickers at the store that I think will bring a smile to their faces. I love being able to send them a little birthday money every year as well as an occasional family gift. I like knowing if there is a major emergency or natural disaster, that I will have the resources to send extra money during that time. As much as i LOVE to get letters from my kids, and would be overjoyed to have many sponsor children to write to and get letters from... i know God has blessed me with a "deep" persionality. I would be so sad if i did not have the resorceorces to send little "extra" gifts to my children! So as much as part of me would like to sponsor "wide", i know God has created me to be more of a "deep" persion, and that is what brings me the most joy in my sponsorships! I do however try to be wise in sending extra money (like trying not to give every other month or every year at a certain time... So that the family's will not become "dependent" on a gift). I also plan on not giving anything over $100 for family gifts, unless there is an emergency, and I stick to only sending $20 for birthday gifts. That way the family can buy things a little at a time to improve their situation. Hopefully that way will not draw that much attention to them (like it would if I sent a very large gift). Any where you go in this world there will be jealousy as well as people who will want to steal from you. I would be lying if I said I never worry that my sponsor kids would get picked on because I send them lots of letters, paper goodies and occasionally extra financial gifts, but ultimately that will happen anywhere you go in this world, and I don't want that fear to stop me from blessing my children. I tell my kids all the time in my letters that just as I share with them, I want them to share what they have with others in their communities. I try to always send enough paper goodies with my letters so that they can share with the children in their class who didn't get anything. I am always encouraging my children to look for ways to help people in their communities who don't have as much as they do. It is my hope and prayer that my giving to them will spark a desire in their little hearts to use their resources to be an example of Christ to other needy people in their villages. I was so overjoyed when my 10 year old girl wrote me a letter saying that every week when she goes to the project, she buys some sunflower seeds for her breakfast/snack and she shares them with the other children in her class! I doubt this child even has 3 meager meals a day, and yet she shares her sunflower seeds with other hungry children in her class! I could not be more proud of her! :-)
Ultimately there is no "right way" to sponsor your children. Both "deep" and "wide" sponsorships are a huge (and in my mind, equal) blessing to these precious children. Every child and sponsor is different and I truly believe that God matches children to the kind of sponsor that they need the most. Every time I feel led to sponsor another child, I pray that God would direct me to the child who will benefit the most from my personality, and that He would give me the wisdom and decrement I need to know where He is leading me. Each one of my sponsor children, I know with out a doubt, that God chose me to be their sponsors. So my suggestion to you would be:

1. Evaluate your personality. What kind of service to The Lord would bring you the most joy? Going "deep"? Or going "wide"? There is no "right" answer... But you will be most effective in your service to The Lord when you are serving in ways that complement the specific talents and personality that God has blessed you with.

2. Pray, pray and pray some more! God will direct you where He wants you if you are seeking after His will. :-)

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