I was former compassion sponsor child

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Dear brother and sisters in lord
I want encourage your support kids because I was former compassion Ethiopia child I always bless compassion international in the name of our lord. I finish my studies and now I live in Germany so I am sponser for two lovely kids I love them because I learn love from compassion and from my sponsors .
May God bless you all
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Rahel kurate

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Posted 3 years ago

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Sara Hill Loggins

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Wow!  I love hearing stories like this one!  Thank you for sharing with us Rahel.  I sponsor 5 children.  Three are in Honduras, one in Kenya and one in Ghana.  I also correspond with many others who have sponsors who are unable to write.  I don't work for Compassion, but I am blessed by what they are doing for the children in this world all in the name of Christ.  I am so happy to hear your story and praise the Lord that you were a Compassion success!  I am so proud of you and your sponsor for continuing to share God's love with others through this amazing program.  Thank you and God bless you.
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Rahel kurate

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Yes God is good all the time may God bless you too. I was loving reading my sponser letter they was writing 2 letters in 3 years sponsorship I was lil bit sad but I love them and what I want say is the kids waiting your letter and photo
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What a beautiful testimony!! Thank you for sharing! Your story is what encourages sponsors like me and reminds us what God is doing in the lives of children through Compassion to reach them through Jesus Christ. How wonderful that you are "paying it forward" by sponsoring children yourself. May God bless you much for your faithfulness!
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Thank you for telling us your story Rahel. I sponsor four kids and correspond with another eight. I love it, and hearing stories like yours confirms that I am doing the right thing. It is awesome that you are sponsoring children yourself. God bless!
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In your opinion, what are the most important things to write about/share/question?

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Rahel kurate

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It depend what your kid like but I was like to hear about their family,country and to share bible story so now I do the same thing for my kids because I know what look like African life style so my letter depending on what they like and share bible story (that's important to change their life)I personally grow up in compassion Ethiopia project Sunday school and I accept my savior Jesus and I know so many kids do the same .I hear one story from Dr,wess (compassion international formerPresident ) there one kid in Kenya and he was not good in school but he like to run so his sponsor always write that he is strong and important person and in first letter he write I win from school the in second I win from Kenya finally he write I win in international competition then he visit her and said you are the reason the way I am and give her the his cup. You know what in Africa everybody told us that we are stupid and we can't do nothing so its important to write that your kid is very important person.
God bless you
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We hear it from Compassion and from sponsors, but I’ve spent many hours trying to find a former sponsored child say that letters are important.  How fortunate and blessed your kids are to have you as their sponsor!


I am going to visit my sponsored children early next year so they know we care.  I don’t doubt that the benefits Compassion provides through sponsorship make a difference, but quite honestly I wanted to hear from someone who had been sponsored that the sponsor/child relationship matters.


God bless you, Rahel!

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So nice to meet you and hear your story :) I am curious, do the children you sponsor live in Ethiopia where you are from, or did you pick from elsewhere?

I love writing to my children and hearing back from them.  I try to write 1-2x a month and (in answer to someone else's questions) I recently asked them all what they like to hear about best in letters and they all said "Your news and how you are doing"  Some of them added other things they liked best too, but that one answer was consistent :) I made a blog post about it but still waiting on a couple answers so it won't be posted for another month