I'm VERY concerned about my sponsored child's report card

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My sponsored child Hawa in TZ recently sent me her report card. Her grades range from 8 (the lowest) to 50 (the highest). Her final average was 30. At first I thought that they just grade differently over there, but at the bottom of the report card her teacher circled D= 21-40 Poor. I sent Compassion a copy of her report card. So far the only response I've gotten from Compassion is "We
do offer the students tutors. I would recommend writing to Hawa and tell her to make she she lets the staff at the church know that she needs help with school. If they are not already helping, they will certainly start." This is not enough in my opinion. I really want someone to look into this for me and I will keep on asking until something gets done.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me in this matter.
Charlotte -by the way, I'm a teacher
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  • upset because no-one's doing anything about this

Posted 5 years ago

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One thing to take note of, I know a lot of people with kids in Tanzania that I've heard the same thing about.  It seems that a "D" is more of a normal/average grade out there.  I'm not sure if it's because kids miss so much school, or maybe the assignments they have are just a lot tougher and include a lot of questions above their grade level to 'see if they can do them' type thing,  but it seems quite common for kids to have D's and F's in that country. 

(I'm not a Compassion worker so can't do anything about looking into it further for you, but just thought I'd pass on that observation.)
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My little girl from TZ is nearly 13.  I just pulled out her report card to look at it again after reading your post.  Her scores don't add up correctly, for starters.  She got an overall average of 40 for her final score, but a few of the marks for first and second term are averaged incorrectly - and to her benefit, which means her average is actually also in the "D" range.  This child wants to be a teacher when she grows up.  On average, her grades went down the 2nd term.  I also wonder what might be the cause of that.  There is no attendance noted, which would be interesting to see.  
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Hello Charlotte (and others with similar concerns),

Our Tanzanian office sends report cards to sponsors, because, as sponsors, you are invested in your child's education. You have a unique opportunity to encourage and help shape your sponsored child's cognitive development. Children who receive frequent letters from their sponsor tend to do better in school because they know that an adult is involved and cares deeply about their life. At-risk children need adults who are invested in their future in order to succeed. As a former social worker, I saw this with the children I worked with, and I am sure that you see this with the children that you teach. This involvement and encouragement through letters is a valuable part of the Compassion program and we want to encourage this type of involvement. "Speak" to your sponsored child about the importance of doing well in school through your letters to her. Encourage her to do well in school so that she can achieve her dreams. Ask her about what her dreams are, and encourage her in them. 

Regrettably, the school systems around the world do vary and their point scale may be different. In addition, many of the children in our programs in Africa started school later than usual. This is due to the fact that school, even a government school, is not a free public system and many parents do not have money to send their children to school on their own. For this reason, many children are not able to start school until they are registered in the Compassion program, which could be as late as nine years old. 

As far as child attendance of the program activities, children must attend all of the activities for that week (it could be all day on Saturday or after school several days during the week). While we do not send attendance records to sponsors, we take careful note of which children attend and how many children attend each activity. These records help us to verify that these activities are relevant and meeting the needs in the community. They also are a hint when a child may be struggling. If we notice that a child has not attended in two weeks or less, we will begin visiting their families at home more often to encourage them to attend, and see if there are any issues that may need to be addressed.

That being said, we can check into the situation if you continue to see a pattern of low marks and continue to be concerned. We can encourage her tutors to make sure that she is receiving the help that she needs. Please email me directly with your concerns and a copy of the report card(s) you received at socialmedia@compassion.com
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Hi Susan, 

I too sponsor a child from Tanzania (TZ3060309) and was wondering if receiving the child's report card is the norm for Tanzania? Although I've supported Endaeli for 3-4 years, I don't believe I have received any annual updates about her grades at all. Please let me know if I can choose to receive such updates!
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Hi Rowena! Your child's education and success in school is a very important part of Compassion's program. Thank you so much for your concern for Endaeli's grades. Although our projects are not required to send grade reports to sponsor's, they are welcome to if they wish and Tanzania often does. I see that Endaeli is average in school and her best subject is counting. At some point, you may receive a report card from her project but regrettably, there is not a way for us to request you receive these updates annually. Please feel free to ask Endaeli how her classes are going in your letters to her! This will be the best way to stay up to date on your child's progress in school :).
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Hi I sponsor girl in mexico and it has almost been a year; I have never seen a report card. I did not know that existed. should I be concerned?
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Hi, Addy. As Emily mentioned in the post above, projects are under no requirement to supply report cards but may do so if they choose. So, it's no biggie if you haven't gotten one. Your child may just attand a project where they don't do it.
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aaww bummer. then who will I know how my child is doing in school?
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I imagine you could ask in letters, and if the question doesn't get answered that way you can keep an eye on their profile updates. While not exactly frequent, it gives an indicator of how the child is performaing in school.
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okay thanks

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