In a desperate financial situation and possibly needing to cancel my sponsorships :(

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Hello.  My sponsor number is #07300510.  I have really been struggling financially this whole year, and you so graciously helped me out earlier on with letting me go for a few months without making my sponsorship payments (which I was so very grateful for), but I am still really struggling now.... and my oldest daughter is starting college soon and just moved into an apartment by her college, and I now have to start paying $550 per month for that by the end of July.  I have been paying $418 a month to Compassion for my 11 sponsor children.  I just don't see how it will be possible for me to keep paying that amount with my additional $550 per month expense that I will now have.  This absolutely BREAKS MY HEART because I truly love all of these 11 children and have been sponsoring them for several years but I'm in a desperate situation and just don't know what else to do :(.  I also have TEN correspondent kids that I also dearly love.  If I canceled all of my kids that I financially sponsor, would I still be able to write to the ten that I am correspondent for or not??  If not, then I will be losing 21 children who are all very dear to my heart.  This is just devastating me to the core!  But my automatic payments get taken out on the 20th of every month (day after tomorrow) and I CANNOT have those funds taken out.  I tried to change it in the system but it wouldn't let me.  Could you please put these automatic payments on hold and I will decide for sure what I'm going to do.  And I at least want the opportunity to write a last letter to each of them if I decide I cant continue paying for any of them. 

Also, I just found out that one of my sponsor children, Hadija (KE059700157), has been taken off my account as she has been dropped from the Compassion program since she hasn't attended for the past 6 months.  So since I was paying $38 per month for her all this time and she was not even there, I am requesting for that amount of money to be refunded to me (since I was paying for a child that was not benefitting from my money being sent).  If I did pay for all those 6 months, then the amount I should be getting back is $228.  That would also help me out financially just getting that amount of money back, which I feel is deserved to be given back to me.  I was very upset, however, because I was not given the opportunity to write her a final letter since by the time I got into my account, she was already gone.  Can I send a letter into the Compassion office in Colorado Springs to be sent to her that way?  It would hurt my heart if I didn't get to say goodbye to her.    

So if you could PLEASE put a hold on my automatic payment that is due to be taken out in 2 days on the 20th, and if you could PLEASE refund the money that I have sent over the past 6 months for Hadija to be refunded to me, I would greatly appreciate it.  And can you answer if I no longer financially sponsor any kids anymore, do I lose all of my correspondent kids as well?  If that is the case, I may see if I can possibly keep one of my kids who I financially sponsor, just so I don't lose the other TEN kids who I have been writing as well.  If you could get back to me on this so I can make a decision, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks so much to whoever helps me out with all of this!  This is all extremely difficult and heart-breaking for me.  God bless you!     
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  • Devastated and completely heartbroken :(

Posted 6 months ago

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Trina, I am so sorry to hear about the financial struggles you are facing. I just sent you an email addressing your concerns. 

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