Keep getting unpaid balances after fixing it

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Due to credit card expiry I wasn't able to pay my balances earlier this year. But I fixed that on May by using a new credit card and setting up for direct monthly payment. I received a bill of unpaid balance. I assumed it was just a mistake since I corrected it on my page. The next month I got unpaid balance again. I'm quite upset about that. So I have to go through the process again. I hope this time it will work. I don't understand why nothing works. It used to work well. And besides that I'm also disappointed that my letters come so delayed and my sponsored child doesn't seem to have replied to my inquiries in my letter. By the way I speak the language of my sponsored child I hope it doesn't need to be translated back to me because I understand it anyway. I hope that doesn't delay the letter by the translator's job. 
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Hi Ally, I'm so sorry you're having problems with your account. A representative from Compassion will be happy to help you with that after the weekend.
As far as letters go, it takes 2-3 months for your letter to reach your child. It is first sent to Compassion headquarters in Colorado where it is sorted and packaged with all other correspondence that is headed to that country. It then goes to that country's office where the letters are translated and sorted by project. Finally it will be sent to your child's project and your child will receive it on their mail day! Usually centers have a mail day once a month.
Their letters follow this same process in return. All letters do go through translation, i even have kids that write in English and those go through translation too!
Once you get into a rhythm of letters flowing back and forth you can expect steady correspondence. I write monthly an hear from all of my kids about every two months. There is a delay in them responding to what I wrote, for instance I am getting a lot of replies to my Easter letter now. I hope this answers at least that part of your post :) blessings to you on your sponsorship experience.
*i apologize for typos, I'm on my phone and trying to get kids ready for church all whilst responding lol.
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Ally, I am another sponsor and like Kristen H said, Compassion will take care of the financial issue with you soon I am sure.  Once when I was confused I called and they went through line by line of payments with me.  I actually wanted to talk about letters from our children.  I think a lot depends on the project.  I think some projects keep our letters at the project until the children answer the letter and they have the letter handy while the child is answering your letter.  Other projects send the letters home immediately with the child and therefore don't have it handy and it is harder to answer the questions because the kids don't remember.  One thing a lot of sponsors have done that enjoy writing letters and receiving letters is become a correspondent sponsor.  That way there are many letters going back and forth and they sometimes get several or more in a week!  I have a lot of correspondents(lol)...16.  But we have to write letters to them, too, so this would only be for sponsors that like to write.  And like every other month I mail some small books or workbooks I find at the dollar store or word find sheets, dot to dot pages or mazes to my kids.  Where these correspondent kids come from is either sponsors that don't want to have to write or companies that sponsor a bunch of students and ask Compassion to find people that are willing to write to the students.  The email to ask for correspondent children to write to is
If you are on Facebook you could also ask to be added to the Compassion Facebook groups:  one is called  Compassion Correspondents Facebook Forum and the other is called Compassion Sponsors/Correspondents Facebook Forum.  They are both private groups to protect the children.  I prefer my sponsored kiddos and my correspondent kiddos to be either from English speaking countries:  Uganda, Ghana and Kenya, India the kids usually learn English just not as young as Africa.  Or I also love Spanish speaking countries because there are a lot of Spanish books available to send kids.
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Hi Ally! I am so sorry to hear that you are having issues with your donations. I can imagine that that would be frustrating to realize that things are still not going through once you have taken care of the issue. Regrettably, I could not locate your account from your name and email address. Please post your child's ID number here or email us at so that we can look further into your issue and provide assistance. 

I also want to sincerely apologize for the frustration in regards to your letters. It does take two to three months for letters to go back and forth. We realize that this is a long time and we are currently working on shortening this time period that letters currently need to travel. Regrettably, your letters do still need to go through translation so that we can make sure that everything will be understandable for your child and vice versa. It also would add time in processing if we had certain letters that needed to be routed a different way. It's actually faster just to go down a line of letters and do the same thing in processing rather than having to do a different process for each letter.

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