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Only 1 letter
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Chasity Dorsey

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  • concerned as its been nearly a year of sponsorship but not hearing from my child. Maurice in TogoTG1030067

Posted 4 years ago

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I also have had issues with how little I receive. I've written paper letters and online letters and only heard back twice. The letters from my child were so far apart I couldn't remember what I had written to her in response to her first letter. I'm just confused, she doesn't say much or color anything... Like she isn't excited or there is zero emphasis on who the letter is going to, maybe? I don't know.. I just hope she's receiving my letters and gifts because she's never mentioned them. I feel like I'm kind of talking to no one.. Part of me is starting to feel like she hasn't received anything I've sent or written.
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Tara, I am a sponsor too and first off I want to say thank you for blessing your child with your sponsorship and letters. My family sponsors several children and I correspond with many more, so the letter process is something I feel that I am quite familiar with. I can assure you that your child has received your letters, even if she hasn't mentioned them. I have found that many factors effect how children write including age, culture, and personality of the child. Writing letters can be a bit of a struggle for some children. Several of mine were slow to "warm up" but after a while they got better and some are still too young for them to do much more than the form letter. As for only receiving 2 letters far apart, that part should improve with the new letter system. With the old system it took your letter 2-3 months to reach your child barring any hold up in the postal systems and translations (same turn around for your child's letters to you). I urge you to keep writing and encouraging your child; your encouragement may be just what she needs to face whatever she may face now or in years to come. God bless!
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I can't speak with authority on this, but I think the adjustment to the new system has ground things to a halt in some regions. My letter flow has almost completely died in the last 6 months, which has been discouraging even for me who knows that this is not the norm. 3 out of 4 of mine are in Africa, and from comments I've read this may be a bottleneck spot. Try not to get discouraged -- you've come in during an abnormal period, and it is supposed to end up much better than before.
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A year has gone by from this post and the "adjustment to the new system" which Jennifer refers to hear seems to have dragged on another 12 months?  Jennifer tells this person that she has come in at an Abnormal period a year ago?  Wait, isnt that what they are telling me now?   Another sponsor refers to it as a season of change.  This season seems to cover many regular seasons?  The more I read the more doubtful I become.  
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Hi Linda,

I noticed that you posted in multiple places on this page, and I want to make sure that you receive a response to all of your concerns.

Please know that we appreciate that you feel comfortable sharing your feedback with us. We always relish the chance to improve our program. Compassion is going through the biggest upgrade in our history of over 65 years. We knew that this would bean enormous change, which is why we decided to deploy our new system in stages.As you mentioned, we have been working on this upgrade for over a year now,which does seem like a long time. However, in order to avoid any negative impact that this may cause for our children and supporters, we released our program in stages over the last year. We felt that if we were able to make smaller changes, over a longer period of time, any issues would be resolved along the way. We had hoped that it would make it easier to continue to serve our supporters along the way with the same quality of service that our supporters deserve. But as you know, these system upgrades have not gone as well as we anticipated. We know that an apology alone is not going to resolve these issues, but we do want you to know we are truly sorry for the frustration this has caused. Compassion has several teams of IT professionals working hard to resolve these system issues as we speak.  

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We, too, have had no responses to our frequent (once per month) letters.  While, we have received two long letters, they appear to be written to fulfill a Compassion obligation, and never make any reference to our letter inquiries or special monetary gifts. 

Further we believe our child is special, and as a very pretty teenager may have unique God given talents to be a leader among her peers, and we would like to help her in attaining her dreams, whatever they may be.  BUT, we just cannot get her to open up to us.

Frankly, (like others suggest here), we are not sure she actually receives our letters, or at the very least takes them to heart.  I do not believe the Compassion "system issues" spoke of by staff here on this forum, are in any way affecting our communication.  BUT, IF it is, get it fixed.

I understand all children are different, and many (of our own) children do not respond to parental direction, but we feel that the local Compassion offices could do more to help give us a bi-annual " report card" so to speak of how the child is doing and what her hopes, aspiration, and dreams are, and how we can help foster that growth.  
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Hi Gary, I am another sponsor, and I want to share my experiences. I've sponsored 3 boys for 4 years now, and I'm currently getting to know a girl I sponsored within the past year. My 3 boys all do a great job replying to my questions. I also get a pretty good list of what was purchased with additional gift money (as well as pictures since I send over $60). Of course, it may be half a year or more after I sent the gift or asked the questions, but the 2-way communication is there. I just today got my 3rd letter from my girl, and I am thrilled to see all of the information she shared about herself and all of the questions she asked me so she can get to know me better too. All these kids are from the same country.

I did have one other experience with another girl from a different country. I just never got many letters, and it was discouraging. My recent letters from my newest girl are proving that it's not just that girls don't write, or that I wasn't clicking it with girls. And I am pretty sure I have read that another sponsor receives their 'best' letters from a child in the same country from which I had a girl who didn't write many letters.

I believe that my children are receiving my letters, and responding to them. Two of my boys have really opened up to me at times about fears or concerns in their life. My newest girl has shared her dreams with me, and my oldest boy has shared some more specific goals with me. Part of that may reflect on the curriculum that is being studied at the Compassion centers.

From my experiences, I don't think we can judge a whole organization based on our personal experience with 1 person or situation. I hope that you will be able to develop interactive back-and-forth communication. It sounds like you are a great sponsor, and so dedicated to writing, and wishing for that personal connection.

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RE:  "I also get a pretty good list of what was purchased with additional gift money (as well as pictures since I send over $60)."  Is there some $ threshold where  Compassion interacts with the child to achieve a response, or is this your experience with this particular child?
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Gary, I have received lists from all of my children when I give child or family gifts, and I think you should receive that no matter how much your gift is. But, yes, there is a minimum $ amount in order to receive a photo of what was purchased with the gift money. I think that amount is $60. How long has it been since you gave a gift? Compassion says to contact them if you have not received a thank you within 6 months. Then they will contact the child's center to make sure a thank you is on its way to the sponsor. BTW, when I give to the Christmas gift fund which is divided among all the sponsored children, my children do not mention what they received. I think one child did thank me for the Christmas gift, but I don't think he specifically mentioned what he got.
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I am so sorry to hear that your teen's letters have not met your expectations. It sounds like you are an absolutely wonderful sponsor and letter writer! Thank you so so much for pouring into this student's life! Each letter really makes such a difference and your words of encouragement will stick with them for many years to come. I continually hear from alumni saying that the most impactful thing about Compassion's program is the letters from their sponsor.

As Beth mentioned, you are entitled to receive thank you letters for each monetary gift within six months of when the gift was given. For gifts of $60 or more, you will also receive a photo of your child with the gift along with the letter. Also, your child will write between two to six letters each year (which would come out to about a letter every two months or so). As I mentioned you are a wonderful letter writer, but in general the more that you write, the more that your child will write to you, and the more likely a relationship will develop. From what I have found, adolescents who have had previous sponsors who never wrote to them are usually a little slow to warm up to new sponsors. It is exactly the same as mentoring a disadvantaged teenager here in the US - they may be slow to trust because they have been let down a lot by adults in their life in the past. With some teens that I have personally sponsored, it can take a few years of regular letter writing for them to open up to me. All that said, I would like to take a look at your account to make sure that you are receiving what you should be. Regrettably, I was not able to locate your account from your name and email address. Please post your child's ID number or your sponsor number so that I can assist you further. 

I appreciate the feedback about the updates regarding hopes, dreams, and aspirations from local staff. The local staff are some of the most amazing, hardworking people I have ever met. Many centers have upwards of 300 children and most of the local workers are actually volunteers who are extremely passionate about serving the kids in their community. We currently provide bi-annual child updates but information about hopes and dreams is typically not shared in this update. Also, we have a curriculum for adolescents ages 12 and up, called My Plan for Tomorrow. In this curriculum, each student will have a mentor at the center who will help them think through their dreams, what they would like to do with their lives, and how they might achieve their goals. Typically, this information is shared in the letters but some teenagers may not realize that you would like to know this type of information about them or they may be slow to warm up to you as I mentioned above. I will certainly pass along your feedback about possibly communicating this information directly from staff to supporters in the future.
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Thank you for your caring response.  Can you please send me your email address, in order that I can forward the information you have requested.
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Gary, we are thankful for your constructive feedback and suggestions :). If you would like to send us additional feedback, you are welcome to email us at socialmedia@compassion.com. Thank you and have a blessed day! 

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