My child keeps writing the same things in the letters

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How do children write letters? I just received one yesterday and in it, my child says the same things over and over again. (I'm fine, how are you... I'm fine how are you...) In the 3 or 4 years I have sponsored her, I don't know anything about her because all the letters say the same things - even though I ask questions in my letters to her. The only things I know about her are from the information I get from Compassion. It's a little disappointing, and it causes me to wonder if any of my letters are even getting to her. Also - there are never dates on the letters, so I have no idea how old this letter even is.
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Same Letter Different Day.

My sponsored child recently graduated from the program. In the beginning, I believed strongly in this ministry, going through the training to become a volunteer child advocate & working tirelessly to increase awareness & help raise up sponsors. After a few years however, I began to loose heart. From the outset of the relationship, every letter I received from my sponsored child (and I have saved them all) had the same content - none of which was ever response to the content of my letters - not one of my questions was answered - not one attempt to connect was successful. I found myself essentially answering the same questions each time I wrote a response, only to have him ask them again as if it were the first time we had corresponded.
I contacted Compassion, but was given simplistic and what felt like evasive answers. While I continued to pray for the child and provide financial support, I eventually stopped writing letters and working as an advocate. I have lost confidence in Compassion and am therefore unable to commit to sponsoring another child - and that makes me sad on so many levels.
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Kellie, I'm so sorry to hear that this is your impression of our letter-writing and sponsorship process. If you would like direct answers for all of your specific concerns (your child switching genders in letters, etc.), please let us know and provide us with your sponsor number, and we'd be happy to have a discussion with you. We are so thankful for your sponsorship and support of your sponsored child.
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Sarah and Sierra, 
I think you are missing the point here.  If Compassion is willing to manipulate this process, we cannot trust they are also behaving with integrity in every other manner, including the funding of the children.  Financial reports can be manipulated to look good.  In the end, trust is needed to be involved in something like this.  I can't blindly offer support to an organization that proves itself to be anything less than at least painfully honest!  I will wait to hear the response from my post made today before cancelling but at this stage it's unlikely I can continue without strong support of the authenticity of the letters.  I am told in the correspondence they come with that each child has only one sponsor.  Yet color brochures and pictures in professionally done literature with each letter makes it more than just a bit difficult to believe.  Sponsors likely want to support this type of effort.  But if we cannot trust the process, we cannot trust the organization.  Thanks for listening.  I sincerely hope to find out somehow I am wrong about Compassion but it is going to take some explaining, not sidestepping, in order to get there at this point.  Thanks again.
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P.S. I think I saw somewhere on the site there are over 1 million children in this program.  8x11 color copies run over $1/page.  At $1 per 8x11 color copy, which is actually low, that's $1 million per page per letter.  I get at least 2 pages back, so if that's typical, that's $2 million per child per letter sent ... hard to imagine that's possible.  Much more likely these are not single copies but each sent out to lots of people.  I'd like to help, but not if the organization feels they need to do this kind or manipulation to get funded.  Also super disappointing it's considered a Christian organization.  I sure hope to become convinced I am wrong.  Next reply from the org needs to be much more than hand holding and side stepping the real concern here.  Thank you 
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Hi Gini, 

I am just going through your posts now to consolidate your concerns and will be responding above shortly.