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I think it would be cool to have it so people can write a one time letter to an unsponsored child. We could put their child number on it and tell them we aren't their sponsor, but we are praying for them. Especially for long waiting kids, because it could encourage them to stick with it. Even if you just pick kids off the website. :) or, you could assign child correspondence to kids who don't have sponsors, and then when they receive their sponsor the child correspondent no longer writes to that child unless their sponsor doesn't. Just an idea :) I'd be willing to sign up for a ton of kids if you did that :)
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Anna, I don't think this would work.  As you probably know, they do allow people to send cards at Christmas to unsponsored kids, but they are in charge of distributing them.  I know Compassion does everything possible to get kids sponsored quickly, and even though there are kids that do wait months for a sponsor, if you write a child today, and then they are sponsored soon, it is very possible the sponsor's letter would get their first.  With translation and everything else going on with letters, they don't always arrive when we think they will.  Also, I assume you know about the correspondence sponsor program?  At the present time, we are able to have quite a few kids, and even though it's a wait to get these kids, between our sponsored kids and correspondence kids, most people have enough.  Knowing that it makes awhile for a child to get used to having a new sponsor, I think it would really confuse them to get a letter from one person, and then a few days later, or even before that, get a letter from their new sponsor.  I hope you are active in the correspondence sponsor program, and you know you can always ask for more kids.
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If you sponsor or correspond with a kid, you could always send extra items (stickers, bookmarks, coloring pages) for the sponsored child to share with an unsponsored kid or a kid who doesn't get many letters from their sponsor.
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Anna, I appreciate your heart to encourage children as they wait for a sponsor. Regrettably, this is just not possible logistically. We record and track every single letter we send. It is currently not possible to route letters to specific unsponsored children unless a correspondent or sponsor is assigned. We do this because it could be confusing to a child unless they either have a specific sponsor or correspondent. It is also important to know exactly where each letter is going for proper processing.

When we send letters to unsponsored children at Christmas time, we typically do not receive enough letters for all of the unsponsored children in our programs. We send and hand out these letters manually and prayerfully so that hopefully the children that need encouragement the most will receive them. We do this out of a desire to bless more children with the power of letters.

We realize that your idea would greatly encourage unsponsored children to stay with the program even as they wait for a sponsor. Regrettably this manual process is just not possible year round for specific children.

With our updated system (that we are working on now), and the increased efficiency that we will see as a result, we are anticipating that children will be able to find sponsors faster and we will not see children waiting almost a year for a sponsor. It is our hope that with the added encouragement of receiving a sponsor faster, they will be less discouraged and fewer will drop out of the program. 
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Great idea, Athena! :)

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