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There has been a BIG discussion over at OurCompassion in regards to what Compassion is telling us, and what we KNOW the countries are saying on the topic of letters. While we are not looking for a letter every month, we are just looking for an honest answer. I have an article from the country office of Ecuador stating that the MAXIMUM is 6 letters. and kids CANNOT write anymore. But, if you talk to Compassion, they will deny that there is a problem. And state that there is a miscommunication. There is no miscommunication. Ecuador wouldn't have made it an article telling the projects. I just want to know... is it 6 letters a year (no more than 6) or not? If not, then you need to contact the countries that have this mindset. I know many people on OC who have said that they are considering stopping there sponsorships because of how dishonest Compassion is with what we are seeing and what is being said. As if Compassion doesn't believe us. We wouldn't go to great lengths to correct it, if it weren't so. Please, PLEASE look into this. If we are only getting 6 a year, great. But, tell us. Don't say one thing and do something else.

I am sorry, but so many people are upset about this, and we don't know what to do, or who to tell to fix this, many people have given us water down responses, and we are tired of that. We want the truth, nothing less. And I fear if this isn't resolved, many kids will loose their sponsors.

Thank you for reading. Below is the article I found. I have translated it, but you don't need translation to figure out that there is a problem.

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Posted 7 years ago

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Official Response
Re-posting from OurCompassion Discussion Thread:

Thank you all very much for your feedback to my post from last week. A number of us met last Friday to discuss your comments.

One message we have clearly heard is that you are hearing different things from different parts of Compassion – from our call center, our country offices, some sponsored children, and from some of us.

To this point of inconsistent messaging – we have a number of actions currently underway to address this. We are reviewing and refining our FAQ’s and our internal educational and training literature. We are also reviewing our Field training communications as they relate to the new correspondence process. We are in the process of contacting all of our Area and Field Office management to reinforce the importance of consistency of understanding and practice, and to reinforce the latest release of the updated letter writing curriculum sent out in September 2012. The content formally states “If a child receives more than one letter or gift in a 60-day time frame, s/he will only be required to write one reply letter. However, any child who wants to write their sponsor more often should be allowed to do so.”

Clearly, in some cases, there has been a disconnect between our training & communications and local implementation. I apologize for this. This is a brand new process for all of our 26 countries and with our 5,800 local church partners. I understand your frustration, but humbly ask for your patience as we work through the challenges with standardization.

A second major message we heard from you is reduced frequency. Yes, some sponsors will see a decline in the quantity and frequency of child letters. With the new standardized process, there can be a decline in the number of child letters written – particularly from those countries which previously and voluntarily practiced a reciprocal process.

There are additional issues which continue to be raised in this forum and for that, we are grateful. We try very hard to respect the capabilities of our church partners, the volunteers and staff around the world, the children in our program, and to also respect and listen to you. We are not perfect, but we do ask our Lord to guide us each day.

Thank you again for your comments and continued support of our ministry. We are listening.