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II signed up to be a sponsor several months ago. Making sure payment was on time every month. Last month I lost my job. I called compassion and let them know how sorry I was, but I was going to have to cancel my sponsorship and didn't know when or if I would be able to restart payments.
balance so it c person! was speaking with was cold. She showed no "compassion" for the fact I just lost my job. She was only about the money I could not send them. Now, I received a bill for past due and current payment due. Like a credit bill. I am convinced that this is not people doing the work of God. This is a big scam! God would have compassion for my situation. They have none. SCAM!!!!
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Posted 7 months ago

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Valerie, I am sorry you had a bad experience when you called in. Your story struck a cord with me and I would like to share with you my story. I am not employed by Compassion. I am a sponsor just like you and there was a time that I too lost my job and didn't know how I could make ends meet much less provide for my family. In my situation we had been sponsoring for about 6 years and had built a relationship over letters with three children. I did not want to lose those relationships. Also during that time i feel like God placed friends and family in our life that financially helped us through that time and we were able to continue sponsoring.
One of those children was named Wimol and I later found out that it was during the time that I was unemployed that she accepted Jesus into her heart. Fast forward several years after continued sponsorship she graduated the child development program and was accepted into the leadership development program. The cost was way more than I could afford but Compassion allowed me to find cosponsors that cam alongside me and continue sponsoring her. Compassion worked with me throughout this entire time as we continue sponsoring her through college. After Wimol graduated she contacted my wife and I over Facebook and let us know she met a young man and wanted to get married. I asked her when and she said when you can come. You can imagine how that touched my heart. I told her to pick a date and we would come. The pictures you see are of her wedding and graduation. Once again, I am sorry for your experience and I will pray for you that you will find a job soon. I hope that you can see that however long you sponsor a child that you made an impact in their life.
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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story of sponsorship! We are honored to have you in our Compassion family and are thankful to hear that you have had such an awesome experience! 
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I am so sorry that you felt like the representative you spoke with had no Compassion for your situation! I see the person you spoke with actually lives in the Philippines. All of our representatives who work at the call center in the Philippines are actually Compassion Alumni and have been through and graduated the Compassion program. Where she lives, it is quite common to work many jobs, and sadly, to also lose many jobs because the work is just not stable there. I think sometimes they can forget that it is very different here where we live, and I am so sorry that her lack of empathy caused you to feel unappreciated and that we are running a scam. 
Please know that we are deeply sorry to hear you lost your job and we will certainly keep you in our prayers to find a new one where you feel God truly wants you. In the meantime, we are thankful to see that you will continue to sponsor your sweet boy, Allan. If you have any questions in the future, please know you are welcome to contact my team directly at socialmedia@compassion. Blessings! 
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  • Valerie,
  • It sounds like your decision has been make and I certainly respect that.  Over the past five years I have found the folks at Compassion to be very helpful and compassionate.  Being in the path of a hurricane again this year, I remember when we experienced a similar situation a few years ago.  Compassion worked with us after the storm. 

    As far a being a scam, we have visited several of our kids in South and Central America.  I assure you that the kids are quite real, as is the poverty.

    I pray God’s blessings for your current situation.  

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