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Wrote a letter online well over a month ago, received a letter in the mail back, but it was the same as the first one? Still no response shown online.
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Posted 1 year ago

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You will receive a copy of a letter in the mail that you received online -- but it will probably take longer than a month to receive a reply to a specific letter.  I tend to send a letter every 3 weeks to a month, replying to whatever letter I most recently received (if I had one).  In future letters I'll see comments that let me know they did see my letter -- but not necessarily the next letter I receive.
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Jessica Lehman

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I wrote the letter online 3/19, three weeks later I received a letter by mail, however it was the same exact latter as the first one. There still is no response by mail or online.
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Jessica, I’m so sorry for any confusion or concern, and I’m happy to help you. Regrettably, I was unable to locate your account using your email address. Will you please provide either your sponsor number, child’s ID number, or the email address associated with your account? If you don’t feel comfortable providing your information publicly on this forum, you are also welcome to email
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Child ID: GU048000078
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Hello Jessica,

I am sorry if there is any confusion on how letters are processed. You are currently enrolled to receive an email and a printed letter. Damaris has written you one letter so far. The letter she wrote you was dated, February 22, 2018. The date is at the top of the letter. The letter is made available after it is translated online, so you can view it on your online account pretty quickly. Since you have elected to have both the emailed version and a printed copy mailed, the printed copy will be sent later. The distribution center here in Colorado will be notified that there is a letter to print. They will print off the letter, then send it out in the mail. This can take a few weeks.  

The child development center schedules letter writing in to the program. So, they will collectively take time to write to sponsors. If you have written a letter in between their normally scheduled letter writing day, the child development center will note that you are due a reciprocal letter. If you write the child multiple times in between that time, you will still receive one letter in response. I would encourage writing a minimum of three to fours letters a year. However, if you would like the best response, writing once a month is the best. 

Letters may take two to three months to be processed. They need to be received, scanned and then translated. I hope this helps clarify the process and appreciate your understanding. Thank you so much for choosing to sponsor Damaris with Compassion. I appreciate that you are taking time to write to her. The letters that you send her do make a difference. 
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Jessica Lehman

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Ok, thanks. I received the first letter fairly quickly and have not heard back for a while on the second letter. I received the first letter in response by mail twice, the same letter, after I wrote the second one, so I thought something was wrong. So what you are saying is that I will still get a second letter, just might take 3 months?
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I'm not staff but I correspond with a lot of kids and have for years.  If you got the same letter twice they maybe accidentally printed it twice when it was scanned, or maybe you got the rough draft and the final draft, I've had that happen.

Every 60-ish days your child will have a letter writing day at the project and if they have received a letter from you in the past 60 days they will write to you on that day.  If they haven't they won't until the next time they do.  Kids that don't get regular letters write 2x a year. 

If you haven't heard from a child in 6 months (whether you write or not) Compassion will do an inquiry to check and find out where the letters are and what's going on, I've had to do that several times for sure, but it's pretty rare and I'm writing to over 50 kids right now. 

Sometimes the second letter takes the longest to be honest.  The first letter the kids have ready to go before they are even sponsored and it's sent out right away.  The second letter sometimes takes longer because if they haven't received the letter you sent yet they might miss that first letter writing  day.  It takes awhile for letters to get through translation and for the regular flow of letters to get going but once it does it'll be approx. ev. 2 months you'll hear from them.  It can take 2-3 months each way for a particular letter to go through translation. 
So you might get something like
Letter A you write
Letter 1 from child intro
Letter B you write
Letter 2 from child non-reciprocal
Letter C you write
Letter 3 from child is response to your letter 1
Letter D you write
Letter 4 is response to your letter 2

However... with the new writing system things have sped up quite a bit and you never know. I"ve also received responses to things I've written only a week or 2 after I wrote them!  And I've received a couple letters within 48 hours of the child writing it!!!! 
Once the flow of letters starts you'll start to get an idea of what to expect with your child's particular project and the time frame it takes... (and then you'll still get the odd random one that comes SUPER fast, or takes forever in translation haha)

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Teresa, thank you for your very helpful answer! 

Jessica, I'm so sorry for any confusion caused by receiving the same letter from Dámaris in the mail. It sounds like we accidentally printed her letter and sent it to you twice in the mail. Normally, you will only receive one email notification and one physical copy in the mail a couple weeks after the email. You should never go more than 6 months without a letter, so if you have not received a letter from Dámaris by August 28, 2018, please do let us know so we may help you. It may take a little time to develop a regular back-and-forth letter writing schedule, but if you are writing regularly (once every 1-2 months), then you will hopefully receive a letter every couple of months :). I hope all this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Have a blessed day! 

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