Online Gift store for birthdays and instant sending

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I think it would be a good idea to have an online gift giving store, with things like bookmarks, dolls , and other bigger things like bikes, that sponsors can buy through online and that gift is instantly sent to that child.
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It really would be great to be able to order bookmarks and coloring pages in different languages!
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Great ideas, Isabella and Karen! It would be neat to pick out bigger items with the instant sending idea and what a cool idea about the different languages! I personally like that Compassion handles so well all the monetary gifts that are, they go meet with the child and his/her family and work out what the family's needs are so that the money is used wisely! Thank you Compassion for following God's plan and doing such a wonderful job with the resources He has given you! :)
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Hi Isabella! You have such a neat heart and I totally appreciate you wanting to send specific items to your child for them to receive right away! We have the best sponsors and you guys all show us daily how deeply you love these kiddos and want to not only pull them out of poverty but also bless them tangibly with things that will put a smile on their face and improve their childhood. Let me explain a bit more about how our gift program works and why we have chosen this route rather than having an online store. 

First off, I want to encourage you that we do have opportunities for you to send your child a monetary gift! If you ever have a specific item that you feel led to give your child that they mention they need in a letter or you feel God is leading you to send, you can make a note on your gift that you'd like it to be used for the purchase of a bike, or school items, or a new toilet, etc. They will take this into consideration when helping your child make a decision on how to use the gift. Basically, when a gift reaches your child's center, the project staff will meet up with the family and your child (as Elizabeth mentioned) and will discuss the best way to use your gift. In our goal to help your child become responsible and self sustaining, this avenue gives our staff the opportunity to educate your child and their family on how to steward money well and be wise with what they're given. It helps them learn to prioritize, budget, and discuss what items are most needed at that point in time. This type of understanding is often things our parents taught us growing up, but not so common knowledge to our children and their families. Teaching them this type of skill is crucial in helping to pull them out of poverty. We have seen incredible benefits from sending gifts this way rather than choosing the gift for them and found that your money often goes further as well because many times, items are cheaper in your child's country than they would be to purchase here in the United States. This is also one reason that we no longer allow for packages to be sent to your child as part of our goal to steward your gift well and get the maximum use of it. Ultimately, the family and your child are empowered in making a decision on how your gift is used so that they're able to purchase items that they're needing most at that time. You may have a desire to send your child a doll or bike but your child may benefit more from getting new clothes, food, or another item at that time. Another reason that we don't offer an online gift store is because when you give a monetary gift, your child and their family will go out and purchase their gift from the market place which in turn, helps to stimulate their local economy and improve the livelihood of the community :). However, when it comes to bookmarks and fun paper items to send your child, you should check out our Pinterest page! It's not a store, it's even! You can print out fun bookmarks or paper dolls that you can mail to your child in your next letter!  

Karen, although this would be such a fun and convenient thing to implement, it would be difficult to do this. Because some of our projects are in such rural areas and because our children speak in a multitude of dialects and languages, we would not be able to offer all of the languages in these bookmarks and coloring pages. It would make translation very difficult when it gets to our country office of trying to translate from multiple and often very rare languages into multiple dialects rather than just straight from English into your child's language and dialect. I hope this helps! 

Thank you both so much for sharing your ideas with us! We love hearing them and always learning about new ways we can help improve our program and your sponsorship experience!
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Thank you Emily for clarifying that...  I sent a gift to one of my families, and it was used for clothing for the child I sponsor, and I was a bit surprised.  I thought it would be used for the family.  Household needs, not clothing for the child...  I'm glad the center sits down with them...  I was worried the family spent it on her to make me happy, and that's not what i want!  If they need chickens... then get chickens!  
     Again thank you for the clarification!  Is there a way to connect with the center to find out what the family needs?  That way I can send a gift to meet that need?   
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Hi Angelee! Regrettably, we are not able to ask the center and family about needs prior to sending a gift. This is often culturally taken as a promise that we will cover whatever the cost is. However, you are welcome to send whatever you feel led to bless them with a gift, and once the money is delivered the family can purchase what they need most.
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I did not realize how it was taken in different cultures. Wow... Thank you once again for enlightening me!

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