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First of all, the new letter online letter writing is awesome, as well as the format for viewing child information. I was wondering though, if it would be possible to add three things.

1) If it would be possible for the pictures of our sponsor children to be bigger. I have a lot of older relatives, and they are always complaining that they can't see the pictures when I go online to show them.

2) Related to the above, is there a way that there might be a way to download pictures of our sponsored children? That way, I could go and print more pictures myself without having to call Compassion. (It would also save Compassion the cost of printing, shipping, etc.)

3) It would be amazingly cool if the photo history of the child could be available in our sponsor account. So, if I've sponsored my child for 13 years I could look back at all of their photos while they were in the program. I know that earlier this year I was making some scrapbook type things of my kids to show people in my church about Compassion, but after several cross moves between continents and countries, I've lost a lot of my pictures. It would be really nice if they were online.

Anyway, just some ideas ^___^

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Thanks Riza! These are great ideas. I've passed them on to our web team for consideration.
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I really like the idea of having the timeline images of the childs growth. I think there is a lot to learn by looking at social networking sites like facebook and google+ as well. The way they keep in touch with interaction between different people is spot on and compassion could implement a lot of this stuff into the site.
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Riza, if you email CI through their Contact Us form on the website, you can ask them to email you the two most recent photos on file of your children. They come much larger in the email.
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Some other sponsorship organisations, for example Children International, have online photographs of your child (on your account) from the time they enter the programme. It is nice to look back and see how much he/she has grown.
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Although you can't view past pictures of your child online, you can always request digital copies by emailing us at
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I love being able to do this and receive the two most recent photos, but it is only the two most recent that are kept on file. It would be great if Compassion USA could find a way to keep all of the photos on file. When I sponsor an older child for example, I would love to be able to request an email with ALL of their photos since they have been in the program.
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Can you help me to find my daughter sponsored ...we both no job and lost of daugther need financial support for who have a good heart like you:). Here is my email im a filipina..hope u help
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Angel, I'm so sorry to hear that you are without a job and having financial difficulties. Compassion registers children ages 9 and under into their programs and they work through local churches in the areas that they serve. Please email Compassion at for more information on finding a sponsor for your daughter. God bless you!
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This is good information and a great suggestion from Ritza. I will ask for digital photos at the email address above.
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I love the photo history thing! Some kids have been waiting so long and it would be so nice to have pics of them through this years! :)
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This would be great. also for those of us who are long term sponsors and have had multiple children either graduate or move away is there any way to keep their info in your account in an 'alumni' section?
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As an IT persona I understand that resource limitation, how about leaving pictures for a limited time with ability to downloadjust as Riza mentioned and once it's downloaded it can be deleted. Or email us the new pics that can be saved and printed.
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Phoenix, you can request images by email at
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I think that is a great idea! It would be nice having my sponsored child's photo saved to my computer or cell phone. Can I still request a digital photo of my sponsored child?
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Mandy, as you requested, I just sent you your child's digital photo. 
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I have taken all the photos of my children, scanned them and put them in a file on my computer.  I also have emailed the photos to my phone and have them stored in my phone's picture file.  I made a special folder and can easily pull them up on my phone.  I look at them often, plus I can show them to others. 

I really appreciate all Compassion has done to feature our children in our accounts, as well as the online writing program.  I had been negligent with writing, but with these new features, I am much better. 

All the photos in the new sponsorship packet are also much appreciated.  Thank you, Compassion!

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