Parent Status Changed After Sponsoring Child

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I noticed on the parental status of my sponsor child that her parents are now together. I sponsored this child thinking that her Grandmother was raising her as that is what it said on the sponsor card I received. I wanted a child that didn't have parents to support them. It looks as if now these parents are "available" now that I'm sponsoring their child. Please explain.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Tammy!  I'm not a Compassion rep, just another sponsor, so I can't say for sure what's going on with your specific child.  However, I would suggest you look at her information to double-check the guardian vs. parents section.  I included my child's info for reference:

My girl lives with her mom and grandmother so they're her guardians.  On the parents sections you can see her dad is alive but he's not involved in her life.  I also have a true orphan whose guardians are listed as her grandparents and her natural parents section says 'separated by death'.

It's possible that your girl is living with her grandmother although her parents are alive.  They may not be able to provide for her or could be living in a different area for work.  
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Hi Emily,

Thanks for your response.  I understand the "Guardian" as my sponsors Grandmother was listed.  However, after I received my login information, I read online on her sponsor information that her Father was alive and supporting her, but her Mother or any of the other information was listed at all and now it states:

I signed up for this child under the assumption she only had her Grandmother taking care of her.  This is very misleading to anyone new to Compassion International and wanting to sponsor a child.  I'm sure there are other sponsors like myself, looking to sponsor a child with only one or no parents.  I specifically looked for a child with no parents as they were not listed on the card I selected and no one said anything when questioned where I signed up.  All of this information should have been listed on her sponsor card.  It looked to me as if the parents got together after their child was sponsored, as I said none of the information about her Mother was listed (no marital status) when I first logged onto the site and reviewed her information.  She has two parents together and her Grandmother and Mother supporting her where there are a lot of children who have no parents or only one parent.  I will continue to sponsor my child; however, I feel I was misled.

  • Grandmother
Natural Parents Marital status of parents: Now married
  • Natural parents are together
  • Father is alive
  • Father is supporting child
  • Mother is alive
  • Mother is supporting child
  • No Father or Male Guardian
  • Mother/Female Guardian is at times employed
  • Mother/Female Guardian is a farmer
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I am so sorry for the confusion in regards to Delphine's guardians. It was certainly not our intention to mislead you about the child that you signed up to sponsor. I apologize that it came across that way. The sponsorship card at events does not go into as much detail as the online account on some topics such as the natural parents. While we want adequate information on the cards for sponsors to select a child, we also are balancing this with making the cards simple enough to understand and to be printed specifically for that event. However, I am so glad you are asking now, because we are always happy to explain our records and her guardian status.

In Delphine's case (as you can see above), she lives with her grandmother who is sometimes employed as a farmer. While both parents are alive and are married, they do not live with her or care for her. Regrettably, we do not have record of whether her parents support her but we know that her grandmother does. Again, I apologize if this was not clear when you had first sponsored her. Please let me know if you would like to sponsor a full orphan instead and whether you had any other preferences for the child you would like to sponsor.
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Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for responding to my question.  I understand.  I actually spoke to a Compassion International staff member who was able to help me sponsor an orphan.  I'm excited and anxious to be a part of this child's life!  You all have handled my issues with kindness and grace and it's much appreciated.  It gives me confidence in the CI program.

Thank you,again,
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One other thing to note for the future (two more things actually)
Sometimes I've had a child living with a grandmother or an aunt and it said "Mother supportng the child" because this person had raised the child from so long and the child considered them a mother.  They may have even adopted them.

And also, another child of mine had her parents together but her father died and her mum moved out of town to work and my girl moved in with her grandmother.  It took four years (2 updates) for that to be reflected on my account.  I knew about it from letters, but it's possible it wasn't communicated to Compassion headquarters for quite some time. 

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