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When I go to my sent letters, some of the kids letters I write show the photo pages i added and some don't. If they aren't there, does this mean they did not receive the photos?
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Hi Kellie! Please rest assured that all the pictures you attached to your letters will be sent to your sweet boy :). However, pictures that are on a separate page will not be visible while your letter is being processed. Once your letter has finished the translation and processing, you will be able to see your pictures again. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Have a blessed day!
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Christina, I have printed all the photos that our children have sent to us in response to gifts, but now I can't find all of them online with their letters.  Why not?  Thank you for reply. --Kathleen Young (07160500) 
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Hello Mitchel and Kathleen, I am sorry if you aren't seeing some of the letters that your children have written you along with the photos of the gifts they received from you. Thank you for being such a blessing to these children and for giving so generously. I have a couple of questions so that I can look in to this issue for you further and find a resolution. Are you looking at the letters on the website or through the mobile app. If you are using the mobile app, not all of the content of the letter is available. I have found this with my own children's letters. However, when I went on to the website and viewed them, I did find that the entire content is available there. I was also wondering if you would be able to give me an example. I looked through some of your reciprocal gift letters and was able to see the pictures attached, so if I know in specific which letter you are referencing, it may help me. I really appreciate your assistance. 
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Thank you, Leah, for being willing to help us.  Now that I've looked into it further, I'm not sure you can.  Only one child is missing online photos:  Keyla Florvil (HA066905109).  We have received 2 photos, neither shown online.  She thanks us for three goats in a letter we received May 30, 2017, and in June 2017, she says she got a new dress.  I have a printed photo of Keyla in a red dress with one black goat, and I have an actual photograph of Keyla in a yellow dress, tethering three goats.  I vaguely recall a letter that wasn't online but sent to me via e-mail from your main office here, and the photo of her in the red dress with one goat was with it.  Perhaps the letter and photo are both missing online.  I don't remember how we got the photo of her in the yellow dress with three goats, but it apparently was never scanned but sent to us in its original state (glossy photo).  So it's possible neither of these were ever online.  All photos from the other children are shown online.

I do have a related issue that you can help us with, though.  It has been more than 6 months since the August 21, 2017 gift of $100 to each of the four families.  Please check on this for us to see if something is in the works. 

We may give one larger gift this year instead of the two $100 gifts.  That might allow the families to buy something more substantial and only have to send one photo instead of being burdened with sending two.

One more related issue concerns Sterson Bonhomme (HA075000415).  You see, we have photos from all the children for the $75 gift sent August 2016 and $100 gift September 2016 if these were combined and acknowledge with one photo, as we assume.  The one we got from Sterson was of his mother and goats; he wasn't in the photo.  We received a second photo from three but not from Sterson.  We assume the second photos acknowledged the $150 gift to each family on April 10, 2017. 

We sent $100 family gift to Sterson and each of the others in August 2017.  Then a few days later, we were told by Compassion that Sterson's house had been damaged and they lost their source of income when Hurricane Irma hit September 7, 2017.  On September 19, 2017, we sent another $100 family gift and $30 child gift to Sterson and his mother to help them recover.  We have no idea if this helped because no one will even tell us how he's doing.

He sent us a letter, dated September 6, the day before Hurricane Irma hit his area.  It was delayed until November.  In it, he mentions nothing about the April gifts (family and birthday).  We don't know if they hadn't yet received the money or if they lost everything in the hurricane.  In January 2018, we received a letter from him, dated October 16, 2017.  He mentions buying a hen with his birthday money.  No word about the hurricane.  Did he buy the hen before or after the hurricane?  Did he lose the hen in the hurricane?  We don't know.  What about the other money sent at the same time?  Were they waiting to get us a photo before they mention this?  We'd just like to know if they lost everything, didn't lose everything, are they back on their feet or not!  Not a word is mentioned about the hurricane, recovery of losses, or gift money in the letter we received this month (March), dated January 17, 2018. Nothing.

We've inquired via the forum and e-mail, but staff says we have to ask in a letter and wait for reply.  Since September, we have sent a card and letters and have asked directly if his house has been repaired and if they have income.  No answers.  It isn't enough to assume no news is good news.  We want to know if we gave enough to help them get back on their feet or if they are still struggling.  How can we help him in prayer and gifts if we aren't given a reasonably specific update after being told the hurricane caused them to suffer loss?  Compassion staff told me it would take a field worker to get us that info, and we said we would be grateful if somebody from the project or church would just ask Sterson if his house has been repaired and if they still have all their animals and if they were able to get all they needed to recover from the hurricane.  Sterson is old enough to be able to tell them that much.  Then they could send us a note.  How hard is that?

We can be patient about the gift photos, though we've only gotten the one.  But not getting any kind of update on Sterson's status after Hurricane Irma is very upsetting. We're extremely concerned.

We appreciate all your help.  Thank you very much.
--Kathleen Young
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Hi Kathleen, 
I am so sorry for the confusion on your letters and photos from Keyla. It sounds like to me that because we had to inquire about a gift that you had sent, there is a possibility that they had taken multiple pictures and somehow on accident that the final one that was sent to you, was sent physically, and was not uploaded. I do apologize for that. Thankfully, it sounds like you still have all 3 photos, which is a blessing! However, I am truly sorry for that confusion and sadly you're right, there is nothing we can do at this point to get that photo online. 
Secondly, I am so sorry that you didn't receive a thank you letter and photo from any of your kiddos regarding the gift you gave in August 2017. I did go ahead and send in an inquiry to each of their centers to see what the hold up is. The inquires can take up to about 45 days. Thank you so much for your patience on these! :)
In the future, please do not feel like you have to send your gifts as one larger gift, unless you truly want to do so. You really deserve 2 photos if you choose to send this very generous amount! But that decision is definitely up to you! 
Lastly, I am so sorry for the situation with Sterson. I can completely understand how you would be concerned and I truly wish we could have inquired sooner about his circumstances. Sadly, up until now, there was nothing we could do. However, because I was able to send in an inquiry asking about his gift you sent in August, I have included notes asking your questions above (Did he buy the hen before or after the hurricane?  Did he lose the hen in the hurricane? Is his home rebuilt? Are he and his family still suffering due to these losses or are they back on their feet). Please know we should be able to get somewhat of an update on his situation and at least let you know how he is doing. I hope this is helpful! I pray that we can get these answers to you soon and we are so thankful for your patience!

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Shannon, thank you so much!  It sounds like you are making progress for us, and we appreciate all your efforts.  We're grateful for all the Compassion staff does to make it possible for sponsors and children to bless one another.

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