Please confirm receipt of letter and that child read it.

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I sent a letter via the website back in August to Jose. It doesn't look like he's read the letter yet.
Please confirm receipt of the letter.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm not staff, just a sponsor, but it's the weekend and you probably won't get an official answer until tomorrow.  I do write to over 60 kids and send them each a couple letters a month so I have a lot of experience with that and hopefully you won't mind me giving you a temporary answer until staff gets back :)

Thanks for writing to your sponsored child! Depending when in August he may not have had it yet,  but the website never does tell us when the letters are read by our kids so he also may have (not so helpful I know haha, staff will have to check that for you.)

  They have a letter day at the project, mostly once a month, when mail is given to them but unless your child mentions in a letter what day that is you probably don't know exactly when your mail is read.  (You can ask them in a letter what day they get letters and they might answer.  I have one girl who said it's the first Friday of each month for example.) Also, depending on when in August you sent it they might not get it quite yet.  While things are faster with the new system it can still take up to a couple of months for a letter to get through the translation process and get sent to the country office  and then reach your kid.  (It's usually quicker I find but sometimes if your letter just misses the letter day it waits there a month til the next one.) 

Again not sure when in August you sent it, but if the letter still says it's "In Translation" or "In progress" on the website a month after you sent it you can send in a support ticket to have it bumped and try to get it through a bit quicker.  (The best way is to contact the social media team at  Those girls are very knowledgeable and helpful! or post here, this page is run by the same girls.  )  

If it just shows "Your Letter" and the bar is blue then it's made it through translation and either has been given to your child or is waiting for your child's next letter day and will be given to them then, but it will never actually say "Read by Child" if that makes sense.  Because this goes the same for both directions it can take up to 4 months to get a reply but this is definitely quicker lately and I'm finding I get replies to specific things I've written usually within 3-6 weeks! :D  Again, not always, but quite a bit.  (Depending on your child's age/country/writing ability how much they respond to specifically though.) But when you get a reply then you'll know they got your letter.  The letters often have little symbols at the top of them and if you get one with two arrows pointing opposite directions (this is very small and in the white bar on the top) it means that its a reciprocal letter so the child is writing it because he received a letter from you rather than the general child letter that they write 2x a year regardless of whether you send a letter or not, which is a great way to tell if the child isn't quite capable of responding to things you wrote directly yet (not all kids have their letter writing day on the same day as they GET their mail and they've taken their letters home by the time they write to you so with it not right in front of them as they write they sometimes forget to respond to it's contents directy too, though many DO respond as well.  )

Anyways hope that helps a bit until staff can answer you :)
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Teresa Dawn, I never noticed the two arrows at the top of the letters. Thanks for pointing that out!
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You're welcome!  THere's other symbols too.  
An * is a First Letter from a Child (Sometimes they come out of order but it was the first they wrote to that sponsor)
A circle means it's a thank-you letter for a financial gift
If the circle is colored in with  black dot it was a financial gift over $60 and should have  photo attached. 
A square with  checkmark is one of the required 2 letters per year
A plus sign is a final letter for a child who has graduated/left the program

(Often letters have 2 or even 3 of these symbols if it was written for more than one reason)
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Hi Lisa! Your letter made it through the letter system, having been translated and fully processed, on August 14th. Depending on when Andres' project picks up letters from the country office, he would have received that letter last month or this month. I know he appreciates you writing to him and is excited to get to know you! You should hear back from him again in the next few months :).

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