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I check in on my sponsor children's profiles on Compassion occasionally to see if anything has changed. I'm not sure if it's different now, or if I never noticed it, but I sponsor a boy named Andres and it say's that his mother and father are alive and his mother supports him, but then below in the employment section it say's that he has no mother or female guardian. Do you have any information on whether his mother is involved in his life? I can give you his number if you are unable to find him based on my account. 

Also, if a sponsor child's parent passed away, would I be notified?

Thank you so much!
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I don't know the case for your specific child, but I have a couple kids that say similar things and it's because the parent does not live with them.  Usually they are away in a different city to work for long periods of time and they send money back to their family, hence the support.  I know with one of my girls at least, she lives with her grandmother as her father died a couple years ago, and her mother works a long ways away.  She still sees her mother when her mum has a vacation sometimes, but it's not very often, maybe 3 times a year.

As for whether Compassion would tell you if a child's parent passed away, I've had it happen 4 times with my kids and I got the notification only once, and that one came a year later.  I believe they would tell you IF they knew about it, but quite often I find out from my kids letters and it seems that they aren't reporting it to Compassion themselves as Compassion was not aware when I asked.  (But they did do an inquiry for me to make sure the child was being looked after after I let them know!) 

Compassion updates the child's information on their profile once every 1.5 - 2 years, and it updates shortly after the child's photograph updates, so that's when I start checking for information changes.  (By "shortly after" I've had it update as soon as 1 hr after, and as late as 3.5 months later... Usually I find it somewhere in between though, around 4-6 weeks after the photo).  With my boy that had his father die and Compassion let me know a year later, they told me when the new profile information came out, as I guess they found out when his new information was sent, hence the late notification.  I did not ask for an inquiry on that one, as my boy was pretty specific in his letter the year before about how the father died, when, who was looking after him now (His mother was doing her best to support him and his older brother who had recently finished school was also looking for work now etc.) So I didn't feel like I needed to do one.

Anyways, Hope that helps a bit, and that Compassion can answer your question about your child specifically after the weekend :)
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Hi Sarah! When a guardian passes away, the staff at the student center typically are very aware of the situation and are already offering assistance to the family via groceries. funeral expenses, housing assistance, and counseling. While we ask that our field staff share with our office in the US any changes to the child's living situation, health, etc., they do not always share this type of information. Essentially, we know if the student center chooses to share this information with us. If we are made aware of the situation, we will always call you to let you know.

It does sound like a very strange situation that your child is living in! I'm confused too! I am sending you an email with the information that we have and I am sending a field inquiry to our office in Mexico to verify Andres' living situation some more. We will notify you of the results as soon as we hear back from this inquiry.  

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