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Recently, my sponsored child Wogayehu(Ethiopia)'s information as updated and I have number of questions about this. First of all, when I started to sponsor my child in June, it said the number of child living at home was 1 on the app. When I checked my Compassion app today, it says "the number of child living at home is 4 now. Where did 3 children come from???

His last update was January 2015. My child is 16 years old this month and he lives with his grandmother. His mother doesn't live with him, but I was told from Compassion rep that his mother supports him. She bakes bread in another city. The new information, which was updated on August 1st and August 16th says she is a laborer now and it doesn't say she bakes bread anymore. So, I am guessing his mom lost her job as a baker or changed her job. Also, it says in my account, his mom supporting him is now "unknown". Also, my child is not advancing from school. It seems like something happened to his family or there has been big changes in his family. I am keep thinking what would have happened to him especially looking at his recent photo compared to 2 years ago, he got so much skinnier and looks very weak and tired.

I might be thinking too much, but here is what I am guessing and please let me know if an of these are right.

Scenario 1
After the separation with my child's father, his mother went to another city to work as a baker. She met a new guy and had 3 children. She recently lost her job as a baker and is not a laborer. She earns less and now not able to support my child as well as her 3 children. Thus, my child being the oldest, he has to work more and got skinnier and weak. And he was not able to advance in school because he has to work and take care of these children.

Scenario 2
These 3 children are my child's aunt or his relatives' children. And same thing, lost support from his mom and my child has to work, so not advancing in school since 2014 and in the same grade for 3 years ( starting from this Sept as well). 

Scenario 3
I sent my child a family gift and birthday gift in June. Receiving some monetary gifts made them allow to have more relative children in their house.

Senario 4
He had siblings and they were working at someone else's home like taking care of animals and now they cameback home.

I am really confused and curious about all of sudden living with 3 more children in his house and his mother's job change. I was keep thinking something must have happened to him getting so skinny and weak and not advancing in school past couple of years. Especially all of sudden he is not doing well in school since grade 5. And I feel like his family situation is causing him in both physically and academically. He is visually impaired and I am worried that his family situation is making him fall behind in school all of sudden.

If I knew this, my letters would have been different and I would have planned to send his family more family gift. I sent my sponsored and correspondent child a family gift depending on the number of their family. Is there any way to find out about this? I would especially like to know who those 3 children are.
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Jenny, thank you so much for the love and concern you have for your sweet boy, Wogayehu. There are a few things that could be going on with the updated information that you received for him. When we began the change to our new system last year, one of the things that was not always going to show correctly on children's information is the number of children living in the home. For most sponsors, it would only show one child living at home even if there were more. It is possible that these other children have been living with Wogayehu and his grandmother for a long time. Also, it is fairly normal for cousins or other family members to come to live with an adult when their parents cannot take care of them or they pass away. I do not know how the other children are related to Wogayehu, but the only way to find out is for you to ask him in a letter.

Regarding his mother, our information still says that she is not living with him. We simply do not know much information about her, because she hasn't been a part of his life for the entire time he has been in the program. The information that says his female guardian is employed is actually referring to his grandmother, not his mother. When the information was updated this year, the staff member just didn't write down the specific labor that his grandmother does the way it was previously written down. She most likely still sells bread in the community for a job. Again, I would encourage you to ask Wogayehu in a letter what his grandma does for her income.

Honestly, Wogayehu doesn't look skinner or more tired in his current photo than the one that was taken last year in my opinion. The sun looks like it is in his eyes, as it is reflecting off of his very white shirt. Boys at his age grow like bean stalks, getting taller quickly! His metabolism is probably working at its best right now, but he is being cared for and is healthy according to the records we have. This sweet young man may just need some extra time in the 5th grade before advancing to the next grade. We have a note on his information that says he was held in the 5th grade to help him improve his studies before moving to 6th. I would encourage you to just pray over his schooling and encourage him to always do his best!

No matter the amount you sent to him as a family gift, it will still be such a blessing to his family! You can always send a larger one as well. God is taking care of this family, Jenny, and you are a wonderful piece that God has put in their lives to encourage them and assist in ways that they need!

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