Repeat letters - is it really coming from a sponsored child?

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A few years ago, I signed up for a child.  It was going well until 2 years later when I received a letter from my sponsored child.  It was the same letter I received the time before.  Then I received it a 3rd time.  I am wondering if there is just someone sending out random letters to appease the donor or what is going on?  I stopped sponsoring then because I got the same letter multiple times, plus I only received 3 letters all year long.  I don't even know if my child is in the program anymore of if I'm just being sent the same letter repeatedly to keep me involved and paying.  I saw CI tables again in church a few weeks ago and want to sponsor again, but want to make sure I'm not just getting taken for a ride.  
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have very occasionally received more than one email about the same letter from a sponsored child. But when I go into the system, it is definitely the same letter that just got sent out somehow again. Sometimes a letter is sent back to be rewritten to the child and then is "updated" in the system when the new letter appears. Some children my received letters are more bland than others. But I have definitely gotten letters that replied to things I wrote about in my letters. Here's a quote from a letter I got on Friday (for a 9 year old in Colombia) and just downloaded today. "I liked your letter very much and that she does the growing of Jesus that you sent to me. I have colored it and it is very beautiful." (Not sure what "She does" means -- I suspect this is a bit of awkwardness in translation and/or the wording because I DID send a picture of Jesus waiting at the shores while two of his disciples fished in February.)  then, later "I also liked the pictures of the bluebonnet seasons that you sent me with your last letter." (I sent the bluebonnets in April.)  So I know this is definitely a child to send coloring sheets to because he enjoys them.  I also have heard testimony
from several sponsors who have gone to see their sponsored children personally (Sometimes several times) and kept in touch after they left the sponsorship program.
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I too have been received duplicates from time to time. This was especially true when the new system was put in place and had several bugs that had to be worked out. My kids for the most part are now answering most if not all of my questions. I just considered my duplicates a blessing because I had a spare copy or two of a letter in case something happened to the first. Compassion is an amazing organization and I am so blessed to know each of my kiddos. It takes a while to get a good writing relationship going but it is so worth it in the end. God bless!
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It looks like you had sponsored from 2014 to 2015. This was actually before we moved to our new system in which we scan every letter for better tracking, faster processing, and delivery. It definitely sounds like there was an issue with your letters back then, but I don't have any comments that you had let us know at that time, or that we were working on it. The only comment that may even remotely be related has to so with the fact that we had a letter or two sent back to us because your address was marked as undeliverable by the postal service. We saved these letters and then sent them back out to you once we had verified your address. However, each letter should have been unique and not an exact copy. I honesty wish we had been scanning letters at that time, because then I could research what exactly went wrong on your account. It is tough to say at this point. I will say that if this ever happens again (and I hope it doesn't) please let us know. We are always happy to contact our field office and get things like this straightened out. Letter mix-ups are rare but they do happen from time to time. There are many different kinds of issues that can contribute to letter mix-ups. There may have been a system error, confusion on the part of a tutor or child, a mix-up of the stationary which is specific to each child, and least likely (but it does happen) there could have been some kind of attempt at fraud on the part of the student center we are working with. Either way, we absolutely want to know so we can correct it, especially because these kinds of issues are related to our integrity and trust as an organization. I do hope though that you will sponsor again and that we will have the opportunity to re-earn your trust. 

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