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I have a question about responses from my sponsored child. I wrote a letter mentioning specific information and asked a couple basic/specific questions. He (his monitor) replied with a very generic sounding response that didn’t answer any of my questions for my child/mother and even asked “how is the place I live like” when I had answered that question in the previous letter I’d sent him. It made me wonder if my child or his mother even got/read the letter I’d sent him. Also, I noticed in earlier threads on here they say for gifts over $60 they send you a picture of the child/mother with those gifts. I sent $100 and didn’t receive any pictures. His monitor did say he’d gotten clothes with my gift, but again, very generic sounding. :/
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I’ve been wondering the same thing Tom. However, I do understand that Compassion takes awhile for the letters waiting for translation, (for me the answers are taking 3 months,) so it may be that your picture of your child with the gift is still on the way.
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I’ve had the same ? I’ve sent pictures no comment I ask ? No answer all letters are basically the same response. However I’m trusting in the Lord that my child is receiving money and if he’s not the people taking it will have to answer to God. I’ve sponsored him since 3 he’s 13 now In five years I may go to a different company to sponsor a child. Linda
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How old is your child? I am currently sponsoring 3 children. I have noticed that the two older ones keep up the thread of our letters - they respond to my questions and thank me for specifics that they receive with the gifts I send. However, the younger one (8) usually sends generic letters and often repeats questions. I believe that the younger ones are probably coached on what to say as well as the fact that younger kids tend to forget what we say and not remember specific questions from one letter to the next. See if it gets better as your child gets older.
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Tom, thank you so much for reaching out to us with your concerns! Firstly, I want to say thank you very much for investing in the life of your child by sending gifts and letters, even though you haven't received the responses you have been looking for.

Because Davi is so young, he will be having someone (either a tutor at his Compassion center or a family member) help him fill out his letters for at least the next several years. While these helpers do an excellent job teaching the children how to respond to letters, keep in mind, children may not have their most recent letter with them when they reply. This means they may have forgotten questions that were asked in a previous letter. These children also communicate verbally; letter writing tends to be a foreign concept to most of them. I would suggest highlighting your questions in your next letter, and making sure each one has its own question mark after it. This will draw the project staff's attention to the questions, and usually helps with the communication process.

Regarding the gift you sent him, the $100 you sent was actually designated as a Christmas gift, which means it went into our Christmas fund and was distributed evenly amongst every child in Compassion's program. That also means you wouldn't receive a photo of what was able to be purchased with that gift. I'm so sorry for this misunderstanding, and if you would like, we are able to re-designate those funds to go directly to Davi's family, which means you would receive a photo in the next six months or so. The gift he's referring to in the letter where he mentions he bought clothes with the gift you sent him is the $50 birthday gift you sent. That's why he thanked you for the gift but didn't send a photo.

Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you!