Same-Sex Relationship Disclosure

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I plan on asking my boyfriend of 3 years to marry me (same-sex marriage is legal in my state). I would like to share this exciting news with my sponsored child, but I am not sure what Compassion's stance is on these issues (a lot of christian organizations are affirming, including my church). Will you censor/edit/omit this information if I send it to my child? I don't think it'd be fair if a straight sponsor would be able to share similar exciting news and I wouldn't?
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Ben Blankenship

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Hi :)
Firstly, it's wonderful that you support a child in need :).
Secondly, I believe Compassion's stance on it is the same as the Bible's stance - loving yet not condoning. I think this would mean that they would not want you to write about that. People who are homosexual are loved by God just as much as people who are heterosexual and should be loved by the church as well but love and acceptance are not the same thing and the homosexual lifestyle is not the way God intended people to live. It's not so helpful comparing heterosexual (which isn't inherently virtuous) and homosexual but rather to compare 'living God's way' versus 'not living God's way'. Sadly people have turned homosexuality into a something extra wrong when it is only one of many ways people can not live God's way.
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Ben, Your post made me wonder...because I don't know Compassion's stance on many hot-button social issues, including this one. I did a quick google and found an old blog post from the Compassion blogs. Having posted that though, it is over 4 years old so I would wait for an official response from one of the Compassion Reps that monitor this forum! The only thing I could find on the Letter Writing FAQS was this
" We reserve the right to decline to forward any letters and materials that we view as incompatible with our ministry approach, including but not limited to:

items that advocate another religious worldview

materials that condone lifestyle choices inconsistent with our ministry values and beliefs.

We also reserve the right to decline to forward materials that:

might be considered inappropriate in the child's culture

threaten the safety of the child in any way

depict or describe the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, unlawful drugs or materials or activities that we regard as dangerous

depict persons dressed in immodest clothing"

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As a Christian parent. I wouldn't want my child exposed to this via a letter from a person he/she will likely never meet. It's MY decision when/how/if to have the conversation with my children about homosexuality, sexual orientation, etc. Not a sponsors. I'm certain that many of the parents of sponsored children would feel the same.
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Ben, I just sent you an email. 
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Ben, I'm not sure if you're still getting notifications on this post, but I wanted you to know that I canceled my sponsorship today. Compassion does SO MUCH wonderful work but this policy not to hire anyone known to be engaging in homosexual activity (it IS a policy, I talked to someone today who read me the statement over the phone) is simply discriminatory and unfair.

Perhaps as a private organization they have the right to set hurtful policies like that in place but I will not spend a single penny more to support those policies.

Congratulations on your engagement (I assume it's happened by now) and I hope you're able to shout it to the rooftops and have everyone meaningful to you celebrate with you.
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Ben, I, too, will be canceling my Compassion sponsorship based on their hurtful and discriminatory policy. I am sorry for all those, Christian or not, who have judged you, hurt you, or withheld basic human rights from you based solely on your sexual orientation. I am excited for you in this next stage of your life and hope that you are able to find a way to share this excitement with your sponsored child in a way that is not censored by this organization. Good luck!

PS. I am curious why Compassion has yet to state their claims on this board and replies only through email.
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Compassion is not unkind, hurtful, or anything else. They are loving towards people who practice homosexuality but that does not mean that they agree with it and it would be going against the values of the organisation to condone it. Compassion employees need to abide by the bible much like employees of an environmental organisation would need to be environmentally conscious. There is a big difference between being unkind to someone and not accepting what they do as right. Real tolerance is being loving towards people even when you don't agree with them or what they do.
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We take no apology for what scripture says... We honore it .. The issue should rather be taken up with God at His word. We all at one point or another had to or have to come to terms with Him with our lives. We love everyone no matter what decisions they make. Hope that helps.

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