Several children we haven't heard from

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My husband and I haven't heard from several of our correspondent children. Here is the list.
S Vignesh, IN6080621, assigned to me 2-9-16
Asnaku Fekadu, ET5250359, assigned 9-25-15, I thought I got one letter from her but it's not in my binder and there is no record of it online. I got a letter from Compassion saying that her center closed and she was moved to another one and she had been getting my letters.
Lucky Obandah, KE8100074, assigned 1-27-16
Lillianne Uwera, KE6500229, assigned 1-19-16

These are my husband Bob Marshman's missing kids.

Yeudy Segura, DR7060225, assigned 10-20-15, we've been told many times that a letter has been sent, or a copy will be sent, but we still haven't heard from this boy. The website shows a letter from him on 1-14-16 but there is no image of it.
Klever Guzman, EC4780437, assigned 10-20-15
Abel Mercado, PH5960241, assigned 2-9-16
Tanakrit Ruedeepornphan, TH9680114, assigned 9-25-15, there has been a letter from him online since 4-20-16 but it keeps changing from "in translation " to "just received ". And he has a new picture. Can you please send us the JPG of it?

These letters printed very badly. Do you have a better copy you can send us?
Dan Irasubiza, RW5420215, letter date 3-2-16
Jackyline Mwendwa, KE7040490, letter date 5-10-16

And lastly, a copy of the photo taken of this child to thank me for a monetary gift, was enclosed with her last online letter dated 6-17-16, page 3. Will I be getting the hard copy of this picture?

I think that's it. I'm glad I don't have more to keep track of right now.

Mary Marshman
Bob Marshman
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Hi Mary!

Thank you so much for providing the child ID's for these kiddos. It's so helpful. I'll respond in the order you posted them:

Because S vignesh was not assigned as your correspondent child until February 9th, we do have to wait until August 9th to send an inquiry as that is when you can expect for your first letter (within the first 6 months of receiving a correspondent child). If you don't get a letter by August 9th, please let us know.

You definitely should have gotten a letter from Asnaku by now and I have sent an inquiry to Ethiopia to request a letter be written to you in response to the letters you have been sending her.

Lucky and Lilliane are in the same situation as S Vignesh. Because it has not been six months since you have had them, there might already been letters written that we're just waiting to receive. If you don't have a letter from Lucky by the 27th of this month and Lilliane by the 19th, let me know and I'll send an inquiry. My hope is you get letters soon though. I think the reason that Lucky's might not have reached you yet is because he had already recently written a letter to his financial sponsors right after you became his correspondent (he did not yet know you were now his correspondent). Also, just a note for future reference, that Lilliane is actually from Rwanda, not Kenya.

I'm sorry Bob still hasn't gotten the letter from Yeudy. I know how eager he is to hear from Yeudy and please know we've been working with the field office to resolve this issue. It was sent to you but since you never received it, we sent an inquiry. Regrettably, because this letter was written before we began scanning letters into the new system, the field office didn't have a copy of the letter :(. Because of this, they had to schedule a day for Yeudy to write you a new letter and then get it sent to us. This one will be scanned and saved into the new system. I know you've both been so patient in hearing from Bob's boy, so thank you for hanging in there with us while we await the new letter. I promise we'll contact you as soon as we get this new letter from Yeudy.

Bob should have heard from Klever by now and I have sent an inquiry to request that a letter be written.

Because Bob did not begin corresponding with Abel until February 9th, there is still time for Abel to get a letter to Bob. If he doesn't receive on by August 9th, please let us know.

Tanakrit's letter should be viewable for you soon. I'm checking on it to ensure it's being processed properly. I'm unable to see this letter yet as it's not yet complete but if I end up being able to view it sooner than you see it on your My Account, I've made myself a note to keep watch on it and I'll be sure to email it to Bob. I'm sending you guys his new picture now. He's adorable! I love his sweet smile.

Thankfully, I do have a copy of Dan and Mwendwa's letters! Hooray! And they're so beautiful! I'm attaching them to the same email that has the above photo.

Which child are you talking about the photo of the gift for? I don't see that Mwendwa wrote you a letter on 6/17. I'm sorry if I misunderstood you. But if you clarify which child you want me to check, I'm happy to! However, I can just verify for you now, that you're set to receive a printed copy of all of your letters in the mail, so if you were sent a photo from your child, then yes. You will receive it in the mail, it just takes a bit longer.

Phew! I hope I got everything. Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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