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Hello!  My sponsor number is #07300510 and I just had several questions about different things.  First, I am checking back in regards to a birthday gift of $60 that I sent to one of my sponsored children (KE-922-0156) I believe back in March (for her bday in May).  Although I have received letters from her since then, I have never gotten a "thank you" or heard what she got with this bday money.  So since there has been no mention of it, it makes me worry that she never got it.  And I am always so looking forward to receiving the updated photo of her showing what was purchased with the money that I sent.  And I have not received this photo yet either.  Since it has been 6-7 months since I sent the money, I thought I would inquire about it once again. 

Second, my oldest sponsor child (the one referenced above) is 16 1/2 yr old and I was just becoming curious as to how long she will be staying in the program.  Do they only stay in until a certain age?  Or does it depend on the area in which they live and the specific center that they attend?  And do you let us know way ahead of time when the plan is for them to exit, so that we can make sure to send a meaningful goodbye letter?  I just see people frequently writing in to complain that their child left the program without them being aware of it and without them having a chance to say goodbye.  I just don't want this to happen.  This would be heartbreaking!  And when this does occur, you will give us the opportunity to choose whether we want to sponsor another child in their place, and if so, we are given the opportunity to choose that child ourselves?  I also see frequent posts that after their sponsor child left the program, a child was automatically assigned to them before they had even decided if they want to continue (or like me, they may like to choose their child themselves).  I just wanted to clarify these things as I know Charity will probably be leaving the program before too long because of her older age.  So I wanted to know what exactly to expect when this does happen.   

Third, I noticed that another one of my sponsor children (GH-627-0063) has an updated photo online of her.  Could you please send me a copy of that so I can print it and replace her old one on my wall?  Thank you so much!  I always get so excited to get a new picture of them!!!!  :)

I am also wanting you to add me to the "correspondent list" for 3 more girls, between the ages of 10-17.  We would love if they could be from somewhere in Africa, but if there are none available from Africa, then any location would be fine.  I also wanted to ask a clarifying question.  Since I love my correspondent children as much as I love the ones that I financially sponsor, I just wanted to make sure that in the case that my correspondent children lose their financial sponsor, you will always inform me first and give me the chance to take over the role of "financial sponsor" if I am able to at that time.  Before they get put onto the website as being available for someone else to sponsor?  I get the chance to take over the sponsorship first?  Is this correct?  I hope so!!   

Thank you so much for reading through and answering my many questions!  And thank you for all the wonderful things that you guys do on a daily basis.  God bless you for the people you are and for the great work that you do!!  LOVE Compassion!!!! 

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Go on to the Compassion website. Choose your child under "My Sponsorships" and look down the Child Information tab.  You should have a place like this with a Planned Completion Date -- that tells you when they expect the child will end.  Note this date can change. When I sponsored this child, her date was 12/1/2018 :( With her last photo update (August) came an information update and the date changed as well.

Also note that Final letters can (and usually are) written AFTER the child leaves the program.  Because the date is not exact. Maybe her last day will be 12/1.  Maybe it will be 11/15. Maybe she's left already and I just don't know because the information has not come through yet. Maybe they will let her stay through the new year so she can participate in Christmas festivities with her project. Time will tell. I am just being aware that these are the last few letters I likely can write and making them be as meaningful as I can.

(She turns 18 at the end of November)


Note though that this just applies to a child aging out/graduating the program.  There is not much pre-warning that can be done for children who leave the program for other reasons (parents remove them, not obeying the rules, moving away, don't need the program services anymore)

Oh and if you don't want them to automatically assign you a new kid, you should have them add that to your profile and hopefully the person doing it will see the notation.

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