Struggle with parental consent.

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There is no problem with the program. But I am only 16 years of age, and my mother has complete control of my money, and will not let me pay. I am not allowed to have control until I am 18 years of age. By then there will be $1,024 due. Is it okay if that is what I do, or should I discontinue the sponsorship?
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I suggest you learn respect and obedience. Submit to the God given authority of your mother
before it's too late and you go completely wrong. You believe you have embarked upon a worthy undertaking as a sponsor but since you are in rebellion against parental authority your charitable inclinations are misplaced.
I hope this helps.
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Zola, I love that you have a heart for sponsorship. As a mother, I would suggest obeying your mom and ending your commitment until you are an adult. The child you sponsored will be covered by the unsponsored children's fund until a new sponsor is found.
Perhaps you can discuss (respectfully) with your mom about why you want to sponsor and ask her if there is a point at which she'd allow it. My daughter wanted to sponsor a child, and I told her that once sh had saved up a years worth of sponsorship money, then we would discuss her having her own sponsor child.
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Zola, I'm not staff and they'll help you soon but i'm pretty sure two years is longer than they can cover sponsorships for. 

I just wanted to say that there is also a correspondent program where big companies or jut individuals who don't like writing to kids pay the sponsorship fees and people such as myself write to them.  I don't know if you were writing to your child but if you want to be involved, perhaps you could ask your mother if she'd let you participate in this "free" option? (You weren't clear if her opposition was due to the cost or something else).  It does not cost anything to bless a child in this way at all.  It would not be the same child unfortunately, it would be one Compassion chose for you, but your letters would mean so much to a child I'm sure.  You can specify age, country/gender still if you want but the more specific you are the longer it takes to be assigned a child in need of a correspondent sponsor.  The one downside is that sometimes correspondents can "lose" their child if the financial sponsor drops the child, but even financial sponsors lose kids sometimes if the child moves, projects shut down, other reasons so we just think that the kids are ours to bless as long as God thinks they need us.  I'm currently writing to 56 kids and have had many more if you include ones I've lost, a couple I had only 3 weeks and some I have had for 6 years now.

I think it's wonderful that you have a heart to sponsor at such a young age so I hope something like this will work for both you and your mum.  If not, be assured that God knows what's in your heart and also that our mother must love and care about you very much that she's getting involved with your spending.  She probably just wants to make sure you have enough for things like an education etc later and that you've thoroughly researched who you give your money away too.  She's just wanting to look out for you and not all teens have that unfortunately.  Time will pass much quicker than you think it'd going to and in a couple years it won't even matter so the best thing to do is to definitely to respect her in this for now.  

Take care :)
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Zola, It definitely sounds like you have a great heart to help! We always love to see when a young person expresses interest in helping a child break free from poverty. That said, Compassion will always defer to parental judgment in regards to teen sponsorship. Regrettably, we are also only able to allow six months ($228) of sponsorship to go unpaid, because we will continue to send the support anyway and that is more than we can afford. One thing you could do is maybe stop the sponsorship for now and save up to sponsor once you turn 18. You might also consider becoming a correspondent, like Teresa and Kristen suggested. This would be a way for you to volunteer and give of your time writing letters instead of giving the money. You could even become a correspondent now and then financially sponsor at a later date when you are able to. I know this is a tough decision, but talk to your mom about it and let us know what you need to do. 

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Zola. I agree (1) that you have a great heart, (2) you should consider being a correspondent. I didn't take your situation as defying your mother. Explain how you feel and see what she says about writing to a sponsored child.

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