Where is my child? Why has she left?

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With no warning I got a letter just saying my child left the program. Then compassion wants to transfer my sponsorship to a 3 yr old we didn't choose. I want to know what happened. We have sent thousands of dollars for her to just be gone. Did she die, get married at 15, leave because she hated her sponsors?
All very different things.
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I don't know why your child left and Compassion will look and see if they have any information on hand for you tomorrow I'm sure (Sometimes they aren't told either) but I've lost many children (I've written to around 100 kids over the years with my correspondents so it's likely to happen) and my most common two reasons for a child leaving are that the child's family moved out of the project area, or the child's parents now have a good job and no longer need financial assistance.  If a child dies you would not just be told they left the program, they would call you and explain that the child died and if known, how. (I fortunately have not have this happen but sadly several of my friends have and this is how it worked for them).  
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Teresa is exactly right. They will certainly give you all the details they have, and I hope your child left for a good reason, like they didn't need Compassion's help anymore! Wouldn't that be awesome?!
I know firsthand how they deal with a child dying. They notify the sponsor with a phone call, a follow up phone call, a condolence card and prayers. They are
truly wonderful when something like that happens.

They send a new child for you to consider because most sponsors do want to continue sponsoring. When I have a child complete the program or leave I always ask that they not assign a new child because I'd like to pick my own. After my Victor died I wanted to sponsor a new child from the same project and the phone rep I got was able to help with that!
If for some reason you do not want to sponsor the new child they selected for you, just let them know so he/she isn't added to your account!
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The very first child I ever sponsored left the program -- before I even got the first Introduction letter!  That was hard. I'd prayed for her and sent about 8 letters. And a birthday gift! I still wonder if she left because of my letters, that they were too "Christian" since the reason given was they converted to Jehovah's Witnesses and did not want her in the program anymore.  So maybe they were okay until she had an interested sponsor who was teaching things they didn't want. Or maybe it was a new conversion.  Luckily, by that point I was writing to a couple of other children as well and had met up with a community of Compassion sponsors and could hear other's stories. So I didn't quit sponsoring altogether but just chose a new child to sponsor and continued.  (I did reject Compassion's choice because we wanted to stay with sponsoring a child in Ecuador and the child they sent lived elsewhere)
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Vicky, I am deeply sorry for any concern or confusion caused by losing your sweet Habiba so abruptly. It breaks our hearts when a child leaves the program, and we are no longer able to help them. I’m so sorry that we have not yet had the opportunity to speak with you about Habiba leaving the program. Habiba has moved to a different area with her grandparents. Sadly, there is no Compassion program in this new area, so Habiba could not be transferred. Regrettably, we do not know specifically why her grandparents decided to move away, but with her grandfather working in farming, they may have moved to a better location agriculturally. Please know that this is in no way at all because of you. In fact, the life-changing impact your sponsorship has made in Habiba’s life will not be soon forgotten, I’m sure of it. We have seen many adults contact us decades later to let us know that they have kept every letter from their sponsor, and their sponsor continued to speak love and encouragement into their lives through those precious letters. Also, they get to keep the Bibles they receive in the program, so the Word of God goes with them wherever they go. We trust and believe that God will continue to watch over sweet Habiba, and He still has incredible plans for her life. We are so grateful for the immeasurable blessing you have been to Habiba and her family through your sponsorship and gifts for the past years. If you would like to sponsor another child, we would be very blessed to continue partnering with you. 

I’m so sorry for any confusion with receiving Tchilalo Irene’s child packet. With the majority of sponsors asking to sponsor another child immediately after one child leaves the program, we have a system in place that automatically sends out a packet with information on a new child to consider for sponsorship. Included in that packet is a request for the sponsor to let us know if they do not wish to sponsor the new child. The request states that if the sponsor does not contact Compassion within a certain length of time, the child will be automatically accepted onto their account. Please know that you are in no way obligated to sponsor this new child. You may choose to discontinue sponsorship, or you may choose a different child to sponsor in Habiba’s place if you’d like. In fact, if you would like us to note your account with the preference the Kristen has, I would be happy to do this for you. Please understand that it is our heart to get children sponsored, but we in no way want to offend anyone in doing so. Please let me know how you would like to proceed :). 
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Thank you and thank everyone else for the replies.  This makes a lot more sense then just guessing what happened.  Please note on my account that we do not want to sponsor Tcholalo Irene.  (You might want to correct her packet as it says both parents do not work as farmers but doesn't say what they do work at.) Also please note if we continue to sponsor it will be a older child that we would like to choose. 

With Habiba moving away can I still send a final letter?  I would like to still try and write Habiba.  What is the rules for that?  I tried to look at my old letters from her on the sight but they are all gone.  If I had known once she was gone we couldn't access them any more I would have printed them. 

Also I sent a birthday gift and paid ahead for Habiba's sponsorship.  if we choose not to pick another child right away will the money be refunded?
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Vicky, please rest assured that I have taken Tchilalo Irene off of hold for you, and she is available for sponsorship again. I have also updated the preferences on your account, so if any future children complete or leave the program, we will not automatically offer another child for consideration.

You are very welcome to write Habiba a final letter to say goodbye if you’d like! Please know that our wonderful field staff will do their absolute best to deliver your final letter to Habiba. However, if our field staff does not know Habiba’s new address, then they will not be able to. Please write “Final Letter” on the top of your correspondence along with Habiba’s name and child number. You may send your letter to Compassion’s address below: 

Attn Correspondence Dept
Compassion International
Colorado Springs, CO 80997-0004

I’m so sorry that Habiba’s letters are no longer available online since she is no longer in the program. I understand how precious and priceless her letters must be, so I am sending you all of the letters that I possibly can via email. Regrettably we only started scanning letters and storing them digitally beginning in April of 2016, so I am only able to send you her letters from April of 2016 and newer. I am also emailing you information regarding continued correspondence with Habiba. 

If you choose to not continue sponsoring a new child, we would absolutely be happy to refund any excess funds to you. Please let us know if you would like us to do this. Also, if you wait a little bit before sponsoring a child and would like those funds to be applied to your next child, please let us know after you have begun sponsoring again. Thank you! 

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