Who is writing the child letters? Red flag-Handwriting doesn't match.

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Who physically writes the handwritten letters from sponsored children? I would think by the time a child is 13 or 14 they would be writing their own letters. And likely even an 11-year old.

Unfortunately, I just discovered the handwriting doesn't match for at least one of my children, and it used to. Is there really a special child whom I sponsored writing these letters? If their was a child was writing to me, why would someone else write the latest letters? There was no mention that someone else wrote the letters. With the big letter-writing changes in April, is it even in the plans for children to keep writing their sponsors personally?

I have a younger child, and their letters use to be written by one of the staff at the Compassion center, and the letter at least sometimes indicated that it was being written by staff.

I very strongly believed in Compassion, and I don't want to be seeing these red flags, but they are waving in my face. If it weren't that I truly want to continue a relationship with the children I chose to sponsor, I would give my money to another charity until I had reason to believe that things were being carried out as expected. Unfortunately, if these children are real and in real need and receiving help from Compassion in their countries, I would never drop them. I feel like sponsors are really 'over a barrel' if they feel like something may not be right.

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Posted 4 years ago

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Beth, you make some very good points. I will be watching this to see what their answers are.
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Beth if there is an issue, compassion will look into it for you.
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Hey Beth! I am so sorry your having these concerns sadly I've gotten so many emails attached to the same problem with little or no response. My best friend has called compassion like 6 times to just get told it was "investigated" which she hasn't heard anything further. I am highly contemplating canceling my sponsorship I just have invested in writing such love to my child and I would be so sad to stop that. But over the past like two to three months my email is flooded with the same problems you are not alone.
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Hi Tanya! I'm not sure I am understanding your concern. Does your sponsored child's handwriting also look different? I'm happy to look into whatever concerns you may have, but I was not able to locate your account through your name and email address alone. Could you please post your sponsor number or your sponsored child's ID number here? Regrettably, I can't speak for your friend's concern because I don't have any information about who she is or what was said when she contacted us. I'm sorry to hear that you are considering ending your sponsorship. I encourage you to pray about it and of course do what you think is best.... the Lord always gives the best advice :).
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Beth, on which letters are you specifically noticing the handwriting differences? I am looking at the two most recent letters from Angel and the handwriting looks the same; the only difference is that the writing is bigger in one of the letters because the lines are more spaced out on the stationary. Are you comparing those to older letters? The letter changes do not affect whether or not the children will write their own letters. The children usually begin to write on their own around the age of eight, but it also depends on their comfort level. Many of the children are able to write their own letters but they really just want to please their sponsors and they are afraid of writing on their own. It can take some time for them to be comfortable even with the concept of writing to their sponsor. If it's a situation where a tutor helps dictate the letter, the child is supposed to be present and also contribute a drawing. Please let me know which letters you are looking at and if they are Angel's letters or if you also have concerns about the handwriting for your other two kiddos.

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