Writing to my sponsor children, online or handwritten? And all the other letter writing questions I have.

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I recently sponsored two children (last week) while visiting the Compassion Experience at a local church. I have not yet filled out the little "about me" insert for my sponsored kids, but while on my acct today I took the time to write one a letter, and write one a birthday card (since his birthday is in early May). My question is, is there a preference between sending handwritten notes and the online versions? I know, of course, handwritten ones add a personal touch, but I feel like the online option is faster and allows for my kids to get their letters and pictures a lot faster. 
Also (while I'm at it), how often can I write my kids? More so, how long in between letters is ideal? I could write my sponsored kids every day, but I know that isn't logical (for the ones that have to translate). Should I plan to write weekly, monthly---or just wait to respond to the letters they send me back?
And finally, how long (on average) does it take them to get my letters, gifts and pictures after I submit them online? And how long after they write me?
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Hi, Jennifer, I'm another sponsor,not an employee, but I think I can answer some of your questions. As far as online or handwritten letters, it really doesn't matter to the kids. The kids will get a printed copy regardless. Typed or online is probably easier for the translators, since type is easier to read. And I just learned how to send coloring pages through the app. Send them as photos,with one per page. As far as how often and how much to write, the only thing I would advise is,don't wait for the child's letter, write a little bit each day and send it every couple of weeks, or once a month, whenever, just write something. If your child is small keep in mind that your writing to the guardian and his older self. They keep the letters and read them over many times. I had a girl once who treasured my letters so much that she refused to color the coloring pages because she didn't want to mess them up. This was years ago when we had to send letters on that tissue thin air mail paper. She would put a sheet of that over the coloring pages and color on that instead,then send me the colored version. My letters are the most boring things on earth to me, but to the children they are precious. As far as how long it takes to exchange letters, I just received one,both digital,and paper copy thàt was written on March 7. So every thing is getting better all the time. How much better? When I started sponsoring, it took six to eight months for a letter to get from India to me. The first letters from the children still seem to take quite a while though. So be patient with them.
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Hi Jennifer, another sponsor here! I like to send my letters online, unless I'm sending extras like stickers. I've noticed that my physical letters take much longer to get scanned into the system, so that's one reason I do most of mine online. Another reason is because the online app is just so user friendly, and I can add several pictures with each letter I send.
As far as frequency of letters, I try to aim for once a month. Usually I'll write a themed letter once a month and duplicate it for all of my kids. Then I also respond separately to any letters I receive that month.
Letters take 2-3 months to reach your child and then you can expect to receive a response 2-3 months after that. Compassion is working really hard to make these travel times shorter, and I've seen significant improvements over this past year in that regard! I recently had a few letters that were written mid February that have already shown up on my account!
You should receive your first letter within 4 months of sponsoring. Its usually an intro letter that's been pre-written to get into a sponsors hands as fast as possible, and then after that (if you're writing regularly) you should see letters coming every 2 months or so.

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